Maleja Restrepo left Tatán Mejía in a bad light during his vacation, calling him “old man”

Maleja Restrepo said that Tatán Mejía no longer looks as young as before because of these actions he does on vacation.  Photo: Instagram @maleja_restrepo
Maleja Restrepo said that Tatán Mejía no longer looks as young as before because of these actions he does on vacation. Photo: Instagram @maleja_restrepo

Tatan Mejia Y Maleja Restrepo They have become one of the most beloved couples on television, first of all, because of the constant defense that the presenter makes on her social networks about bullying and the comparisons that some parents make with their sons and girls. For her part, the athlete stood out in the last edition of Master Chef Celebrity, which led him to be part of a new project for Canal RCN.

Additionally, the emotional stability that they reflect on their social networks by participating in the constant jokes that they make among themselves to amuse their followers, in which Macarena and Guadalupe, their daughters, have sometimes been present.

The signs of affection they have, awaken in their fans the constant desire to want to know more about the unusual confessions they make about their lives. On this occasion, Maleja recently made a confession to her followers about how to realize that the years were already reaching her partner.

The funny details were focused on Tatán Mejía, because while the family enjoyed a vacation on the beach, something unusual happened. Restrepo had just organized everything for that day’s start and revealed one of the motocrossist’s best kept secrets, something that makes him no longer look as jovial as he did several years ago, when they met in 2017 while participating in The island of the famous.

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Laughing, he noted:Well now goes my batch of things that tell me that Sebas is already getting ‘cuchito’ (sic). First, it no longer goes into the sea because it gets very sticky. Second, where she arrives she always takes three naps ”, were the arguments that Maleja Restrepo gave about the age of her husband.

However, it was Tatán himself who added one more to the list, as he stated that the place where he arrives loves to eat everything on the menu, but this has repeatedly caused him severe stomach pains. To which Maleja added: “Yes! He always gets indigestion and is in pain all day”pointing to the stomach of the former participant of Master Chef Celebrity.

Additionally, the woman from Cali assured that for several years they had not enjoyed family time, so they have taken the opportunity to go to sleep at six in the afternoon and get up the next day after seven in the morning. Another of the data that she gave is that her daughters want to play with them all the time, however they have tried to teach them throughout their lives that each one must respect their spaces.

“Girls on vacation want us to play with them all the time, but since they were little we have taught them that everyone should have their space, they should learn to be bored and that they have to entertain themselves alone”, he concluded.

Here you can see the complete content of the revelations that Maleja Restrepo gave about Tatán Mejía:

The presenter revealed what her husband does on vacation

The reactions did not take long to appear and the followers agreed with Maleja’s statements about the aspects that make Tatán Mejía not look as jovial as a few years ago.


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