Lali Espósito was distracted in the middle of a robbery of a participant in La Voz Argentina: “I thought I had won!”

Lali Esposito’s confusion when stealing a participant in the knockouts of La Voz Argentina (Telefe)

the gala of Knockout of The Argentine Voice it was not easy for Mau and Ricky. Already in rehearsals, in which they had the collaboration of the musician fmk, the Montaner brothersThey learned that their decision was not going to be easy. And, when the time came for the presentation of their participants, they confirmed their suspicions. And it’s so much Francisco Escudero What Renato Barbieri they shined interpreting Kiss from a Rose the first and Wicked Game, the second. So it was almost impossible for them to choose just one of them to continue on their team.

However, attentive to the rules of Telefé’s talent reality show, the time has come Marley He asked them for a definition. and the creators of My bad they opted for Francisco, trusting that one of his fellow jurors would be in charge of rescuing his opponent. Something that finally happened. And it is that, as soon as the driver announced that the possibility of “stealing” Renato was opened, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastorutti Y Ricardo Montaner They successively pressed their buttons with the illusion of adding him to their respective teams.

Francisco sings Kiss from a Rose on La Voz Argentina (Telefe)

Happy in the face of this situation, Mau and Ricky ran to greet the contestant who was most excited. And, conspicuously, the interpreter of Discipline began to shout: “Release my contestant!”. At that time, everyone thought it was one of his many jokes, since before the young man decided on one of the teams, each of the coaches had to try to seduce him in the best way. However, what had happened was that Lali had never noticed that she was not the only one to press the robbery key.

“Did all three squeeze at the same time?” Ricky asked. “No, it was on a chain,” la Sole replied. And, just then, Esposito realized that she had not been the only one to want to rob Renato. “Ah, everyone squeezed!” she yelled then. “Lali was watching another channel and she just changed to Telefé,” Marley said at that moment as a joke. And she tried to explain the situation. “I heard a ‘puff’ and said: ‘It’s my puff’. I didn’t hear ‘puff’, ‘puff’, ‘puff’”she said in surprise, before throwing a pillow in protest. “I thought I had won it!”he insisted.

Renato sings Wicked Game on La Voz Argentina (Telefe)

The truth is that, despite the efforts of all the members of the jury who showered him with praise, when deciding the participant chose to continue with Esposito. “I really appreciate you pushing the button. They don’t know how much I long and how much I love to be here. And I want to continue being. I’m going to go with Lali,” she said. “Yes Yes Yes! Thank you for choosing me, I’m very happy that you’re still on the show, “the singer celebrated, who had told him to convince him that she was” completely in love “with him.

“Francisco and Renato gave one of those knockouts for the history of the program. I feel that the robbery was almost as advertised”, Ricky said later backstage. And both he and his brother were satisfied that both participants continued until the next stage of the contest.


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