“I was touched by some rare thieves”: the morenista Gibrán Ramírez was the victim of robbery in Coyoacán

The brunette denounced having been a victim of robbery in the Coyoacán mayor's office (Photo: Twitter- Gibrán Ramírez)
The brunette denounced having been a victim of robbery in the Coyoacán mayor’s office (Photo: Twitter- Gibrán Ramírez)

The brunette and former candidate for the national leadership of the National Regeneration Movement, Gibran Ramirez, reported having been victim of crime in the streets of the Coyoacán mayor’s officenevertheless, he said, they were some “medium rare” thieves.

Through your account TwitterGibrán Ramírez, pointed out that the subjects damaged his vehicle and took some worthless belongings, for which he pointed out, the situation responds to the “political harassment of recent weeks.”

“Apparently -I will confirm shortly- nothing of great value was stolen from me. This responds rather to the political harassment of recent weeks“, he pointed.


In a following message he highlighted: “My backpack moleskine and new they did not take itthey just threw her around a few meters away -along with Álvarez, a stuffed dinosaur. I was touched by some rare thieves”, he highlighted, things he said, were abandoned streets later.

This morning, the Moreno politician thanked and recognized the capital authorities for the attention given by the complaint carried out, especially, to the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City, in charge of Omar Garcia Harfuch.

In recent days, the UNAM political scientist came out in defense of the senator from Morena, Ricardo Monrealwho premiered the theme Rap Real in which he promotes himself on social networks.

On July 10, Ramírez Reyes maintained that, as the song says, Monreal has its own criteriaIn addition, he referred to his detractors as a “sect”, without specifying whether it is the militancy of other parties or the Morenoites who do not expect Monreal to be the candidate for the 2024 presidential elections.

Gibrán Ramírez (Photo: Twitter@gibranrr)
Gibrán Ramírez (Photo: [email protected])

I see the sect very upset by Ricardo Monreal’s rap. I propose that your leaders answer or we plan a round of written battles. Don’t be angry anymore and get creative because you’re going to be like this all next year while we have fun and do things, “he wrote on Twitter.

In such a way that the UNAM political scientist insisted on presenting the profile of Monreal Ávila as the best by the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) to the Mexican Presidencysomething that has been saying for months through different platforms.

“Nobody can question with arguments the fact that he has his own criteria, that’s right. And it is the only candidacy that can claim to come from the margins: in the Fresnillo market, the tenants remember the young and hard-working Ricardo selling juices, resisting in the studio”, said Gibrán Ramírez.

Gibrán Ramírez defended Ricardo Monreal from criticism for Real Rap (Photo: Twitter / @gibranrr / Infobae México)
Gibrán Ramírez defended Ricardo Monreal from criticism for Real Rap (Photo: Twitter / @gibranrr / Infobae México)

These statements came to light in a complicated context within Morena, this because it is the most popular political institute among citizens, so the scenario is set, according to some polling houses, that the candidate is emanated from the 4T will be the one who wins the presidency.

It is in this context that it stands out that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), for weeks, highlighted the profiles that he would prefer to see succeed him: Marcelo Ebrard, former head of government of the Federal District (now CDMX) and current head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE); Claudia Sheinbaum, head of the Government of Mexico City; and Adán Augusto López Hernández, head of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob).


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