He beat his little daughter mercilessly because she did not want to walk: she was hospitalized and her mother detained

He hit his little daughter on the street and had to be hospitalized: everything was filmed

A brutal episode of child violence occurred in the city of Santo Tomé, Corrientes, where a mother mercilessly beat her little daughter in the street because she refused to walk, all in view of witnesses in the area.

The sequence also was recorded by a security camera. The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon on Escalada street, almost on the corner of Independencia.. There you can see the woman walking down the sidewalk and carrying the girl in her right hand.

After traveling several meters, both go down a step and the girl loses her stability a bit. Although both continue walking, at one point the minor stumbles, falls to the floor and when she notices that she did not want to get up to continue walking; the woman gets angry and starts kicking and punching him, two kicks to the head and a punch to the face.

After being attacked, the minor was lying face down on the ground. Quickly, her mother lifted her by force and dragged her to the opposite sidewalk. Meanwhile, a neighbor filmed the entire sequence.

After the viralization of the images, the Corrientes Police intervened ex officio. Cash of the Section for Women and Minors, which depends on the Regional Unit V of the Santo Tomé Policeapproached the streets indicated in the footage but found no witnesses since the premises were closed.

The woman declared to the Police that she had not hit the little girl (capture)
The woman declared to the Police that she had not hit the little girl (capture)

As reported by the newspaper The Coast, The police were able to find the woman following the comments made by the neighbors on the social networks of the different local media that reproduced the news.

After the inquiries, they found the woman: she was identified with the initials FCM, 22 years old. After being found, she was transferred to the Women’s Police Station.

The officers indicated that The young woman claimed that what had happened had not happened, that she had not hit the minor. Also, he didn’t want to say where his daughter was at the time.

Later, a relative of the young woman told the police that “she always physically and verbally assaults her children” and that “This is not the first time this has happened.”

After the examination of a police doctor, the hospitalization of the girl was requested, who was transferred to the John the Baptist Hospital Y was left in the care of his maternal grandmother.

The violence was confirmed in the video that went viral (capture)
The violence was confirmed in the video that went viral (capture)

Judicial sources consulted by Infobae they assured that The minor, in addition to presenting minor injuries to her face and body, also showed signs of abandonment, so the decision was made to remove her from her mother’s care.

“The woman has a noticeable decrease in her mental faculties and it was found that she lives with at least one other minor child in a situation of extreme vulnerability and marginalization. It is as if it were primatized, it needs help and support. Now, they are going to carry out psychological and psychiatric tests”, they specified from Fiscal Unit of Santo Tomé, in charge of Facundo Cabral.

Another situation that calls attention in this case is the appearance of a man before the prosecution, who presented himself as the biological father of the minor. “Although he admitted that he never legally recognized her, he was willing to ensure the integrity of the girl. From the Minority and Family area, they advised him how to proceed to carry out the filiation process and then request possession of it, ”they remarked.

And they added that the woman, who is already at home, is pregnant with twins. “We are facing a very complicated episode of family violence that mixes marginality with psychiatric issues,” they warned.

In the case, a Prosecutor of Instruction and the Counseling of Minors and Disabled also intervene. “It is not only what the Justice can do, it is also important what society can do. We are all involved in this.”said María Dionisia Zovak, in charge of the Court of Minority and Family of Santo Tomé, which takes part in the case, in dialogue with Radio City.

“The cause became media coverage, but the truth is that Anyone in the community can make the complaint anonymously or by giving their name. This is contemplated in the Family, Childhood and Adolescence Code. With a complaint or an ex officio investigation, the protection measures for the girl begin,” Zovak said.

Among the first measures, the magistrate commented that the health status of the minor is being analyzed. “The idea is to verify the mistreatment and look for the closest relatives or affective references to take charge. The girl is vulnerable, but it is her reality and therefore the change cannot be abrupt, “explained the judge, who ruled out that the victim go to a home. And she concluded: “It seeks to provide containment to the victim and also to the perpetrator.”


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