A man denounced that it was a Pachamama party in Bolivia but he woke up buried and inside a coffin

The story of a man who went to a Pachamama party and woke up inside a coffin

Víctor Hugo Mica Álvarez lived a nightmare. The 30-year-old man reported that he attended a Pachamama party in Bolivia and, after drinking alcohol, woke up inside a coffin.

They wanted to put me in sullu”, he explained in statements to local media. This phrase means that they wanted to use it as an offering item to Pachamamaas published by the newspaper page seven.

“Last night was the pre-entry (of Villa Victoria). We’ve gone dancing, I’m the guide, and I don’t remember anymore. The only thing I remember is that I thought I was in my bed and I got up to go pee, and I couldn’t move anymore. And when I pushed the coffin I barely broke the glass and, through the glass, dirt began to enter and so I managed to get out. I have been buried”, said the young man.

Álvarez, who is a dancer in a Toba fraternity, passed out after meeting a friend who invited him to drink some beers.

According to the aforementioned newspaper, the man indicated that there was a half-built infrastructure in the area and, for that reason, he assumes that they wanted to use it as an offering.

Víctor Hugo Mica Álvarez lived a nightmare
Víctor Hugo Mica Álvarez lived a nightmare

When he managed to escape, he asked a young man for help, who took him to a police station. Nevertheless, there he did not receive the expected help and now he asks that the case be clarifiedreported page seven.

Meanwhile, the local media Opinion He noted that Álvarez was wandering around the Ceja of El Alto when he was found by someone who helped him and took him to the Special Force to Fight Crime (FELCC) of El Alto. The agents did not want to receive the complaint because the young man was still intoxicated.

Alex Magnewho found him wandering, said that Victor Hugo he was covered with cement on his face and heada statement that was later verified.

I’ve broken glass, my whole hand has been hurt, I’ve barely gotten out. In Achacachi (place where she woke up). But I went to the Police and they told me that I am drunk. ‘You’re going to come back healthy,’ they told me”, completed the man, who was saved from being buried alive.


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