They wanted him for having stolen more than 100 thousand dollars with the story of the uncle: he fell in Misiones

Esteban Nicolás Papadopoulos was arrested in Oberá, Misiones, for stealing in San Isidro, Tandil and Morón
Esteban Nicolás Papadopoulos was arrested in Oberá, Misiones, for stealing in San Isidro, Tandil and Morón

He chose them of advanced age so that the ruse would be more credible. He was able to convince four of his victims by phoneposing as a relative, in a typical maneuver of the uncle’s story to commit the scam. With the fifth, a grandmother, there were no words: along with several accomplices, they beat her in her house in Morón and robbed her. The loot with which he raised in all the attacks exceeded 100 thousand dollars and included jewels. This Monday they caught him on a property in Misiones, where he was hiding.

Is named Stephen Nicholas Papadopoulosis 38 years old, domiciled in the City of Buenos Aires and until the early hours of this Monday on his head weighed a national and international arrest warrant. Now, he sleeps in a dungeon in the missionary town of Oberá, about 100 kilometers from Posadas, accused of extortion, fraud -three facts- and qualified robbery in town and gang.

They were the investigators of the Misiones Police Investigations Directorate, at the request of the prosecutor Carolina Asprallafrom the Criminal area of ​​the Judicial Department of San Isidro, who they caught the suspect.

They captured him after a series of surveillance tasks and after establishing that he had several addresses, one of them in the town of Garupá and others in the interior of the province. So they found Papadopoulos in Oberá: I lived in a house at the intersection of Italia and Hipólito Yrigoyen streets.

According to the investigation, Papadopoulos is accused of an attack in 2019, when he deceived an old woman from the Buenos Aires town of San Isidro. He called her posing as a relative and le said that the banknotes would cease to have value in the event of a supposed change in numberingso a bank employee would go to look for the money he had.

That employee never existed, but it was Papadopoulos himself who pretended to be a banker and, after completing the deception, took $100,000 from the victim’s house.

The second stop of the scammer occurred in the Buenos Aires city of Tandilwhere there were three cases with victims of the uncle’s story, with the same modality as the one used in San Isidro: pretending to be a relative and then going to look for the dollars pretending to be a bank employee sent by the relative. In this case, however,Was identified the detainee as the one who withdrew the cash, according to police sources.

The fifth robbery was the most brutal of the saga. happened in Hummock, “Among several subjects they beat an old woman at her home and stole money”reads the complaint about the theft of dollars from the victim. There also one of the authors of the attack was identified: it was Papadopoulos.

At the time of the arrest, during which police officers from the San Isidro Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) were also present, the investigators seized a Volkswagen Vento that, it is believed, was used by the criminals in the robberies imputed to him. Papadopoulos.

The suspect will be transferred in the next few hours to the prosecutor Asprella to be investigated.


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