Lotto: winning results for this August 7

Classic Lotto (Photo: Chilean Cock)
Classic Lotto (Photo: Chilean Cock)

Like every Sunday the Chilean Polla de Beneficencia held the Lotto rafflehere are the winning results of the award 4835 this August 7.

Remember that you only have up to 60 calendar dayscounted from the day following the publication of the corresponding contest, to collect your prize.

Once the aforementioned period has elapsed, the right to collect the prize will have expired and Polla Chilena de Beneficencia will maintain the millionaire amount.

Classic Lottoand its modalities Lotus Reloaded, Revenge, Revenge and Retirement, has drawings three times a week, every tuesday, thursday and sunday at 9:00 p.m.

Currently, the total well accumulated Lotto draw sum around the 5,500 million pesos.

Date: August 7th

Lottery: 4835

Classic Lotto: 2, 15, 19, 30, 38, 40 and wildcard 28

Reloaded: 5, 10, 11, 21, 26 and 31.

Rematch: 14, 28, 29, 35, 37 and 40.

Retaliation: 13, 15, 23, 30, 31 and 38.

Jubilee: 10, 14, 25, 32, 33 and 35.

4, 6, 20, 22, 23 and 32.

10, 12, 16, 17, 18 and 27.

10, 15, 20, 32, 39, 41.

Retirement 50 years: 5, 9, 17, 20, 24 and 30.

Check out the detailed list of winners of the Classic Lotto drawthe number of prizes and the amounts won, as well as the historical results in the following link.

It is worth mentioning that the Lotto game draws in the country They are held in the Chilean Polla draw room, located in Compañía de Jesús, number 1085, second floor, Bandera corner, Santiago commune, in which anyone is invited to witness them.

There are different modalities to collect the prizes awarded by the different raffles of the Chilean Polla de Beneficencia. The first, and most common, is Go directly to official agencies.

In the event that the agency cannot make it effective for technical or liquidity reasons, the amount will be delivered in the Central Cock Boxlocated at Compañía number 1085, 6th floor, Santiago, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If the winner of the draw resides outside the metropolitan region, the agent will validate the prize in the system and send the winning receipt to the Polla offices together with a request for payment of the prize.

Once the prize is verified, it will be issued to the winner a sight voucher, a check or a deposit or electronic transfer will be made in the bank current account that he indicates.

For those who made their bet in the online mode, the prizes will be automatically credited to their virtual account, for this the address must be informed to the Chilean Polla Finance Sub-Management, who will be sent the certificate that certifies being the winner of the prize and its amount.

Lotus (Image: La Polla Chilena)
Lotus (Image: La Polla Chilena)

To play Loto Clásico you need to buy a ticket through the official page of the Chilean Polla, where you must log in or, if you do not have one, create a new user.

The minimum price of each Classic Lotto ticket is one thousand pesosif you want to add a modality, they add from 200 pesos if it is Revenge, 300 pesos in Revenge and 500 pesos in Recharged, and Jubilazo.

With a ticket in hand, you have to choose six numbers between 1 and 41which will be the winning bet.

The six numbers can be chosen manually or automatically, where the combination will be generated at random.

If you want to add to your bet the modalities of Recharged, Revenge, Revenge and Jubilazoyou have to choose a new bet for each version added.

Finally you have to follow the payment instructions and confirm the purchase of your ticket. The entire process is completely legal and safe.

The Classic Lotto wins whoever matches the six numbers of their bet with the results published by the Chilean Polla, however, you can receive a prize from the two hits.

Polla Chilena de Beneficencia building (Photo: Capture of Google Maps)
Polla Chilena de Beneficencia building (Photo: Capture of Google Maps)

La Polla Chilena de Beneficencia is a state company in charge of the administration of games of chance in Chile created on June 6, 1934 under the presidency of Arturo Alessandri Palma.

The state-owned company has two shareholders, both of which are State bodies: the Production Development Corporation (Corfo), which has 99% of the share capital, and the Chilean Treasury, with the remaining 1%.

There are 70 people working at La Polla Chilena, including executives, professionals and administrators, plus a sales network that is made up of 2,400 agents that operate more than 2,500 terminals throughout the country.

Like all lotteries in the hands of the State, the profits from the Chilean Polla go to a series of beneficiaries that includes the National Health Fund (Fonasa), the Council for the Defense of Children (Codeni), the National Council for the Protection of Elderly (Conapran), the Limited Child Aid Foundation, the Red Cross of Chile, the Chilean Fire Department, the Adolfo Mathei Agricultural Instruction Foundation, the Assistance and Training Society, the Society for the Disabled Child (Teletón) , Voto Nacional O’Higgins, the Cardenal Raúl Silva Henríquez Children’s Village Foundation, the National Sports Institute (IND) and the Chilean Treasury.

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