Janet Barboza highlights the talent of the son of Jean Paul Strauss despite conflict with the singer

Janet Barboza had a failed relationship with Jean-Paul Strausswhom on many occasions he cataloged as “unfaithful” in the program America Today. As it is remembered, and according to the TV host, the romance ended because there was a third in discord. Given the participation of the artist’s son, Nicolás Strauss, in the great starso much Edson Davila What Ethel Well They were eager to hear your feedback.

The cheerleader accepted that she had known him since he was a child and was surprised by his great talent. Likewise, he knows everything he has achieved, because Nicolás always expressed his desire to be a singer. Janet Barboza also highlighted that the situation he experienced with Jean-Paul Strauss It has nothing to do with the appreciation he has of his son, whom he did not hesitate to praise for his great talent.

“Nicolás Strauss is the second artist to become my favourite. I am not going to be very objective here, I have told you that when I meet people, it becomes a little more difficult for me to give an opinion. ANDn the case of Nicolás, he is the son of Jean Paul Strauss with whom I went out, but that’s not the way it goes. The point is that I have known Nicolás since I was very young, I know the effort and the desire that he puts into the subject of music. Also, he has tremendous talent.”, Indian.

“All his life, that I can remember, he has wanted to be a singer and this presentation impressed me, I have seen him wonderful. I love it”, limited the TV host.

Janet Barboza praises the talent of Jean Paul Strauss.  (Photo: Composition)
Janet Barboza praises the talent of Jean Paul Strauss. (Photo: Composition)

Consulted by the father’s talent, Janet Barboza He indicated that he does. “You have to be objective and not get carried away by the liver”he remarked.

As you remember, Nicolás Strauss was the last contestant who presented La Gran Estrella this Saturday, August 6. The young man sang Sirena, from Sin Bandera, managing to impress the jury that gave him 32 points plus Sergio George’s secret vote.

With guitar in hand Nicholas Strauss He demonstrated the talent he inherited from his father, who, very proud, did not hesitate to dedicate a post to him on his Instagram account.

“Today (August 6) is the beginning of a great story. Proud of you. God has blessed you with numerous talents. I love you, little boy”, wrote Jean-Paul Strauss Prior to Nicolás’s participation in the great star. In addition, he put the photo of his heir and tagged it with great joy.

However, that was not all, because after completing his presentation, the renowned singer published the videos of his son at the gala, with applause emoticons.

Jean Paul Strauss and the emotional post he dedicated to his son. (Video: Instagram)

Below are the names of the contestants in order of presentation.

– Massiel Malaga Silva

– Karen of the Eagle

-Manuel Aumaitre

– Indira Orbegoso

– Fabian Zambrano

– Karla Zapata (did not participate due to being with COVID-19)

– Yadira Sosa

Julius Caesar Norabuena

– Núria Mayor

– Diego Alejandro Cruz Rios

– Natalie Rodriguez

– Nicolas Strauss

Gisela Valcárcel announced her first sentenced this Saturday, August 6. This is Karen del Águila, who will duel with Karla Zapata, a contestant who could not participate in the first program due to having COVID.


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