They arrested the “Borrachito”: alleged murderer of journalist Ernesto Méndez in Guanajuato

Agents of the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office they arrested Robert “N”, the drunksupposed murderer of the journalist Ernest Mendezwho was executed in Saint Louis of Peace along with three other people.

ROBERT “N”was arrested by elements of the UEIHOM and a special cell of the AIC, in the next few hours will be brought before a judge”, reported the ministerial unit on the legal situation that will be resolved in the imputation hearing.

The communicator was riddled inside an establishment he owned in the early hours of August 3. He was with four people in a beer store where the victims lived together until subjects arrived with long weapons and opened fire.

Since then, various intelligence tasks have been carried out to identify the participants in the crime, among whom was the drunk 22 years old in the same municipality where he committed the multi-homicide against Cesar Rodrigo “N”, Jonathan Fernando Y Juan Rodolfo “N”.

The drunk is also responsible for the crime of attempted murder to the detriment of Antony “N”whose state of health is delicate, after staying with himgunshot wounds to the neck during the attacks recorded in the Colonia Vista Hermosa against the journalist and his companions.

The FGEG assembled a multidisciplinary team made up of experts in scientific investigation services, investigation agents and criminal information analysts, whose result was the identification and location of the criminal target, allegedly involved in these criminal acts.

According to the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, the attack against the five people was recorded on Vista Hermosa street at 00:51 last Wednesday. The bodies were located in the Alaska Guamas store, along with shell casings, vehicles and more evidence.

Ernesto Mendez was editorial director of the newspaper Your voice From guanajuato and at the same time he carried out business activities. Although he was also a reporter for the media Free Zone Y Newspaper Mail. Is he Thirteenth journalist murdered in Mexico so far in 2022one of the most violent years against the press.

(Photo: Free Zone via @article19mex)
(Photo: Free Zone via @article19mex)

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