Palestinian Islamic Jihad confirms it has agreed to a truce with Israel (statement)

The Islamic Jihad group confirmed this Sunday that it agreed to a truce with Israel thanks to the mediation of Egypt, after three days of bloody clashes in the Gaza Strip that left at least 41 Palestinians dead.

“An Egyptian truce agreement was recently concluded, which includes Egypt’s commitment to act in favor of the release of two prisoners, (Basem) Al Saadi and (Khalil) Awawdeh,” Mohamed Al Hindi, head of the political arm of Islamic Jihad.

It was the arrest of Saadi, a Jihad leader in the occupied West Bank, that triggered this escalation of violence.

Israel justified its first attacks on Friday for fear of possible reprisals from the Jihad for that arrest from the Gaza Strip, an enclave of 362 km2 where 2.3 million people live and which has been under an Israeli blockade for more than 15 years. years.

In response to the bombings, the armed group, backed by Iran and included in the list of terrorist organizations of the United States and the European Union, fired hundreds of rockets towards Israel.

This is the worst escalation of violence in Gaza since the eleven-day war in May 2021 that left 260 dead on the Palestinian side and 14 on the Israeli side.


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