Érika Villalobos clarifies that she did not return with Aldo Miyashiro: “I don’t want to think about a reconciliation”

Érika Villalobos and Aldo Miyashiro separated due to infidelity.  (Photo: Composition)
Érika Villalobos and Aldo Miyashiro separated due to infidelity. (Photo: Composition)

Erika Villalobos does not talk about his private life, however, he has no qualms about answering when asked about his situation with Aldo Miyashiro. In a very kind way, the experienced actress answers what she wants to answer, neither more nor less.

The artist is clearer in her decisions and highlights the strength she has had since day one when her husband was caught with the reporter Fiorella Retiz in hugs and kisses. From there, the relationship dissolved and the only thing the actors retain is a parental relationship.

In an interview for a local newspaper, Erika Villalobos was asked about her current situation with Aldo Miyashiroto which she replied very clearly: “I haven’t been back to him.”

Likewise, he indicated that they are not a couple and that they maintain a friendship for their children, since they are “in a complicated age” . Also, they have businesses together. “We will continue to see each other at your house or mine, ” the also singer told Trome.

At another time, Villalobos stressed that there will be a lot of speculation when he is seen with Aldo at times, however, he is aware that the mistake made by parents does not have to harm their children. Likewise, he pointed out that they will continue to travel as a family as many times as they wish.

“We are also going to travel several times as a family, because our children are not going to have to ‘pay the price’ for our mistakes. We want a united family.” projection.

Asked if there is the possibility of returning, the member of the deceased group Torbellino indicated that she prefers not to think about it. “I don’t want to think about that, the important thing will always be to get along”, said.

Érika Villalobos also dared to talk about what she said to her children when the ampay came to light, in addition to what her goal is today.

“(I told them) Don’t worry, everything will be fine, it will settle down. I am very sure of what I do. I’m not a calculator, but when something happens to me, I know what to do.” indicated the actress, who pointed out that she is focused on her role as a mother and on her career as an actress.

“Although you should always think of one, inevitably you stop being the most important thing. I’ll be fine if my kids are too. I will feel fulfilled if I see that they fulfill their dreams”, assured the national artist, who is promoting the play ‘Madres, el musical’, which will be presented from August 13 at the Municipal Theater.

Last August 1, love and fire presented the dates of the return to Peru of Aldo Miyashiro Y Erika Villalobos. The movement certificate reads that the still-spouses returned to Lima on the morning of this August 1. But that is not all, Rodrigo Gonzalez He showed a video that his followers sent him as evidence that the figures returned on the same plane.

In the images, the TV host is seen going through immigration control and the former whirlwind to one side not far from him. “There are the two of them, trying not to stand too close, mask, cap, they wanted to go unnoticed. This is the first time they are seen after (the infidelity). It is indisputable, they are Aldo and Érika. They left together and came back together.”said the popular ‘Peluchín’ at that time.

Aldo Miyashiro and Érika Villalobos are captured at the airport in Peru returning from the United States together. (VIDEO: Willax TV)


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