The government of Gustavo Petro will file the tax reform next Monday without an urgent message

Congress of the Republic of Colombia (Colprensa - Camila Díaz)
Congress of the Republic of Colombia (Colprensa – Camila Díaz)

The tax reform that is expected to raise close to $50 billion pesos for 2023 it will be presented this Monday in the Congress of the Republic, as announced by the president of the Third Commission of the Senate, Gustavo Bolívar, who confirmed that the urgent message will not be filed by the government of the president-elect, Gustav Petro. In this sense, this initiative will follow the normal course of any procedure before Congress.

According to what was expressed by Senator Gustavo Bolívar, despite the fact that initially it had been decided to request the urgent procedure in the plenary sessions of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, it was finally decided that such a request would not be filed by the government of the elected president.

“The promise is to present it on August 8, but We are going to take it slower, without an urgent message. The budget project is going urgently and without an urgent message the tax one, because they have to be at a point where they must know what the underfunding is, so that it has a justification”, expressed Senator Gustavo Bolívar.

According to what was explained by the senator of the Historical Pact, the intention of not including the note that issues a request for agility in the procedure before the congress, This is due to the fact that first the congressmen in plenary session must know what the fiscal deficit is for the following year. and what is the economic gap that needs to be filled in order to understand how they can address the management of the tax reform.

In the same way, and as confirmed by the congressman of the Historical Pact, it is known that there may be a lack of financing between the budget of the coming year and the functioning of the State, For this reason, it is also necessary to know what the budget will be for 2023, in order to find the balance that can be struck between the tax reform that will be presented on Monday and the budget underfunding that may exist.

In this sense, the senator adds that if both proposals are processed simultaneously, that is,the 2023 budget and the new tax reform, would not know in advance the increase they will have to make in the budget law in order to cover the underfunding. To anticipate this situation, in effect, it was decided to address the budget law for the following year first.

According to estimates made by the incoming government, it is expected to collect a total of $50 billion pesos with the reform that Colombians will know the following Monday. Half of this figure, that is, $25 billion would be destined to supply the fiscal deficit of the Nation, With this, the government of Gustavo Petro hopes to reduce interest payments.

The other half of the money that is expected to be raised would be destined to finance the social projects that were the flag of Gustavo Petro to reach the presidency of the Republic. This was also confirmed by the senator of the government caucus.

“The other 25 billion are to fulfill those promises of social inclusion that we did during the campaign that are very expensive, which are free education, health, housing, half board for the elderly”, added Gustavo Bolívar.

In addition to the filing of this reform, which comes as a priority for the government to take office, the ministerial cabinet will also be announced on Monday. So far, only the ministers of Defense, Finance, Health, Education, Environment, Culture, Foreign Affairs and Agriculture have been appointed. Nevertheless, Gustavo Petro announced yesterday that on Monday, August 8, he will announce the names of the other ten ministers who have not been announced.


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