Six changes in the ministerial cabinet generate reactions: “It is an unnecessary provocation”

Anibal Torres Vasquez was ratified as president of the Minister councilafter he himself – days ago – had placed his position at the disposal of the president peter castle; who, hours before swearing in his new ministers, published through his Twitter account the ratification of the former minister of Justice and Human Rights.

6 changes in the ministerial cabinet, to External relationships, Economy and Finance, Work and Employment Promotion, Communication and Transport, Housing, Construction and Sanitation Y Culture; In three of these portfolios we find familiar faces in this Governmentsince Alexander Salas goes from to portfolio Culture to work, Geiner Alvaradowho was also in the portfolio that registers the first movement in terms of ministerial head, goes to TCM and finally Betsy Chavezthe congresswoman who returns to Executive, after being censored from the Labor office.

Mauricio Cuadra, director of the Master of Public Management at UPC and former Vice Minister of Communicationscommented that the recent changes in the cabinet represent “an unnecessary provocation, which aggravates the crisis and deepens the discrepancies between the Legislative and Executive powers”.

He maintains that, on the one hand, profound changes are announced, including the convening of a broad-based cabinet, and then they are not carried out, which is also a lack of respect for public opinion and the country. And on the other hand, he affirms that appointing a recently censored minister is circumventing political control, when what we most require is reflection, calm and good sense in the relationship between public authorities.

“Finally, maintaining a confrontational premier with few qualities for articulation and generation and consensus could be an early sign that the government would be alone or cornered, without the ability to summon professionals who want to join it,” said Cuadra.

Unfortunately, he believes that the big loser is the citizen, whose demands and needs remain unsatisfied and outside the public agenda.

From the Legislative the reactions have not been long in coming and this is what congressmen from the benches have mentioned People’s Force, People’s Renewal, Alliance for Progress, Country advances and other parliamentarians.

Robert Chibra, questioned the return of Chavezsince, according to the legislator, President Castillo would try to provoke parliament by placing a minister who has previously been censored.

“I think that a minister, who has been censored, and who places her in another portfolio is a provocation to Congress, and the other ministers have changed portfolios,” express.

For its part, Norma Yarrowspecified that it is time that not only the opposition congressmen take action to vacate the president, but that the entire parliament as a whole makes said intention a reality.

“With a president like the one we have, with a cabinet that has only chocolated, and is putting in place a censored minister like Betssy Chávez, we are in the same situation. Here, the congressmen, not only the 46 of us who are the opposition, but all those who are seeing this national discredit, already make the decision once and for all to remove the president and vacate him once and for all”.

While, Edward Malagacongressman not grouped, commented that the president does not have the ability to convene and that the current management is unsustainable.

“There are several serious questions about the criteria for appointing, and this does nothing more than confirm for me that the government of Pedro Castillo is unsustainable, it is doomed to mediocrity because it does not have the convening capacity that a president should have in these circumstances. Even if he had it, the cadres most prepared to assume Ministries are not in a position to accept, because accepting is bearing the liabilities of the president’s corruption investigations, which are extremely serious, it is practically endorsing that management “, told Canal N.

For her part, Congresswoman Silvana Robles de Free Perulamented the departure of the chancellor Cesar Landa and questioned that the new holder of the portfolio of External relationships has been one of those who requested the audit before the OAS.

Finally, nothing more and nothing less than the general secretary of the political party that led the government to peter castle, Vladimir Cerroncriticized the continuity of Vasquez Torres at the head of the PCM (despite the fact that one of the faces of said party in Congress, Guido Bellido considered that the continuity of the lawyer was vital for the development of the current Government), the former Governor of Junin He specified that the current premier has no argument to support him to continue in office.

“Ratification of the Premier does not add to the Government, on the contrary, the opposition knows what the behavior of the renewed cabinet will be, it did not even generate an expectation to distract them. Torres as minister and premier, has no achievements to show the country.


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