Portuguese poet Ana Luísa Amaral dies at 66

Lisbon, Aug 6 The poet Ana Luísa Amaral, one of the most outstanding voices of the genre in Portugal today, died Friday night at the age of 66 after a prolonged illness, the University of Porto reported today.

Amaral was a researcher and professor of Anglo-American literature at the Faculty of Letters of said center, although she was retired, and in addition to literary creation she also dedicated herself to translation.

Born in Lisbon in 1956, she lived most of her life in the north of Portugal and published more than twenty books of poems, plays, novels, children’s literature and essays.

Among her translations, Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson stand out, on which she wrote her doctoral thesis and on which she was an expert.

She was also passionate about feminism and one of the main faces of these studies in Portugal, co-author of “Dictionary of Feminist Criticism”.

“Her literary work will certainly guarantee that the name of Ana Luísa Amaral will last forever, but whoever had the privilege of knowing her closely will have the memory of a generous person and an activist dedicated to the causes of equality and social solidarity”, assured the rector of the University of Porto, António de Sousa Pereira.


On May 31, 2021, National Heritage and the University of Salamanca awarded him the XXX Reina Sofía Prize for Ibero-American Poetry.

“I write because I need to write. I don’t know how to live without writing just as I don’t know how to live without drinking water or eating, it’s a necessity,” Amaral told Efe after being awarded the award, when he highlighted the importance of reading to “create other realities.” .

He also received the 2008 Portuguese Writers Association (APE) Grand Prize, Italy’s Giuseppe Acerbi Prize, and the Casino da Póvoa/Correntes d’Escritos Literary Prize, both in 2007, as well as the Leteo Prize in 2020.

Among his poetry books are: “Mi Señora de Qué” “1990), “Cosas de Partir” (1993), “Epopeyas” (1994), “A Veces el Paraíso” (1998), “Imágenes” (2000) , “The Genesis of Love” (2005), “Between Two Rivers and Other Nights” (2007) and “If It Was an Interval” (2009).

More recently, in 2020, he launched “What’s in a Name”, Best Book of Poetry for Madrid booksellers.

The funeral will take place this Sunday in Matosinhos, on the outskirts of Porto, according to local media.

Amaral is the author celebrated in this year’s edition of the Porto Book Fair, which will take place between August 26 and September 11.

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