Jihadists who attacked Brussels wanted to attack the European Championship in France

Brussels, Aug 6 The jihadists who in March 2016 attacked the Brussels airport and subway had planned to attack in June of that year in Paris, during the match between France and Romania at the opening of the European Football Championship that was held at the Stadium from France before 75,000 spectators.

According to the local media VTM and Het Laatste Nieuws, who have had access to the indictment for the Brussels attacks, the terrorists intended to attack the crowd gathered around a football truck loaded with explosives.

But they would have acted rashly when they felt persecuted by the police, who had just arrested Salah Abdelsman in Brussels, the only survivor of the cell that months before, in November 2015, attacked bars, terraces and a concert hall in Paris, causing 131 dead, within the same group of terrorists.

They ended up attacking the city’s airport and metro, in two almost simultaneous attacks that left 32 dead, although, according to the indictment, the terrorists’ computers reveal that they also had other targets in Belgium, such as nuclear power plants, the port of Antwerp , the Flawinne Military Barracks and the Prime Minister’s residence. EFE


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