How long will the cold continue in the City of Buenos Aires

Low temperatures will continue in the City (Télam)
Low temperatures will continue in the City (Télam)

In the different regions of the country, the winter season is lived intensely and in some cases with extreme temperatures. In the City of Buenos Aires, the cold took center stage again and according to the National Meteorological Service, the temperature will continue to drop.

During this weekend the temperature will be similar with a maximum of 16°C for Saturday and Sunday. However, the minimum will be around between 8 and 7 degrees, according to the SMN. For this reason, the cold could become a determining factor when wanting to do outdoor activities.

East Saturday in the early morning it was characterized by a partially cloudy sky, while in the morning it became mostly cloudy. As the hours go by, the weather conditions will remain and therefore, a predominantly gray day is expected.

For him Sunday a day with similar characteristics is expected. In fact, the minimum temperature will be 7°C and the sky will be cloudy throughout the day. In addition, maximum wind gusts of between 23 and 31 km/h are expected.

Despite the fact that the sky will remain cloudy and with low temperatures throughout the weekend, the National Weather Service reported that No precipitation is expected over the City. For this reason, the cold will continue and will once again be the protagonist of the day.

For next week, the weather conditions will not have a great variable. According to the extended forecast, maximum temperatures will remain between 15 and 18 degrees until next Friday.

As he Monday What Tuesday the minimum temperature will be 9°C and both days there will be cloudy skies. This characteristic will be maintained until Friday inclusive, but the maximum will gradually rise until it reaches 18°C.

keeping up the trend, the chances of rain are practically nil. In fact, Tuesday is the only day where a 10% chance of precipitation is recorded in the early morning and tomorrow.

Although it will be cold, precipitation is not expected in CABA.  (Telam)
Although it will be cold, precipitation is not expected in CABA. (Telam)

During July, the cold caused extreme situations in Patagonia, where the snowstorm generated different inconveniences at a social level. In a recent report from the SMN, it is indicated that extreme cold conditions have been established since July 4 over southern Patagonia.

In cities like El Calafate In Santa Cruz, a “cold wave lasting 8 days was recorded, which was the longest in the last 20 years for that area. The minimum temperatures ranged between -8°C and -17°C”, detailed the national body.

Although the last month was characterized by being very cold in different areas of the country, for the next quarter of August, September and October “there is a greater probability of registering temperatures within the average”,

In other words, “normal values ​​are expected for the time in the north and northwest of the country, the coast and the east of Buenos Aires.” In addition, normal or higher temperatures are expected in Patagonia, in Cuyo, Córdoba, La Pampa and the west of Buenos Aires there will be values ​​above the usual during the winter period.

As for the chances of rain, it was reported that it will be below normal in Cuyo, Litoral and the east of Buenos Aires. While in La Pampa, the west of Buenos Aires and the west of Patagonia there will be more possibilities that they are normal or lower than normal.

Finally, it was detailed that the rains will be within the usual for the time in northern Argentina, eastern NOA, Córdoba, western Santa Fe and eastern Patagonia. And Tierra del Fuego normal or higher than normal rainfall can be expected.


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