Borrell: sanctions have “great effects” in strategic sectors of Russia

Brussels, Aug 6 Western sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine already have “great effects” in Russia’s strategic sectors such as defense, the oil and automotive industries or airlines, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy said on Saturday. Joseph Borrell.

“Without sanctions, Russia ‘would have its cake and eat it’, added the coordinator of community diplomacy on his Twitter account, where he added that with the sanctions Moscow “will be forced to ‘choose between butter and guns’, locking Putin in with a gag that is gradually tightening”.

“The price of Russia’s rupture with the international order will be very high,” Borrell said.

Since Russia began the invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, the European Union, in line with its Western partners, has approved trade sanctions against Russia in sectors such as air and maritime transport, energy, technology and gold, among others. , as well as against 108 entities and 1,212 individuals, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. EFE


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