Camilo offers his “tribe” in Cap Roig a happy and emotional show

Palafrugell (Spain), 5 Aug. The Colombian singer, songwriter, musician and producer Camilo made his debut tonight on the Cap Roig Festival stage (north) with a lively show, with a lot of rhythm and many sentimental touches and with surprise included, the performance of several songs together with his wife.

The international star of new Latin pop has come out on stage where four giant screens and a large structure of lights simulating the silhouette of a tipi, the tent of the Indians, were waiting for them, he has made drums full of water sound and with the first notes of “Kesi” has made the whole crowd stand up.

The Latin artist who sweeps the world, in addition to great musical ability, playing four instruments, has also shown a great sense of humor by addressing the public several times at the concert organized by Clipper’s Live in the botanical gardens of Cap Roig.

Camilo Echeverri Correa, Camilo, was born on March 16, 1994 in Medellín, in 2008 he made his debut after winning the Factor X talent contest in his country a year earlier and is currently among the benchmarks of Latin music in the entire world. .

Tonight he has performed before more than 2,000 people together with his group made up of percussion, bass, guitar and keyboard and by surprise he has presented his “Tribe” (his followers) of Catalonia to his “wife and mother of his daughter”, the Venezuelan singer and actress Evaluna Montaner who has sung three songs with him, including “For the first time” and Machu Pichu.

His followers have accompanied him on his feet for most of the concert, dancing and singing songs like “Expensive Clothes”, “Favorite”, “La Medio” or “Nightmare”, which was born from his fascination with the sound of Mexican roots that always inspires him. and it’s about a nightmare in which he thinks they take his girl away from him, but in the end “they don’t even dream of taking her away from him”.

The charismatic artist, dressed in trousers and a white striped shirt and barefoot, joked with the audience by pronouncing two words in Catalan “moles molt” (you are very cool) and promising, quickly withdrawing it, that the next concert would do everything in Catalan.

“In this world there are 8,000 million people and I am the one who has come to finish my tour of Europe in Catalonia in Cap Roig”, said the singer before interpreting “Millones”, a song that, like “Tattoo”, in the who collaborates with Rauw Alejandro, has got everyone on their feet moving to the rhythm of their catchy sounds.

The artist, who during the concert makes several trips to the center of his heart, and reflects on heartbreak and valuing oneself without taking into account “likes, followers or what others expect of one”, reaches millions of people with their songs that transmit good vibes with catchy choruses.

Among them “Tutu”, a song that an audience, today rather young, has sung and danced with him enjoying the moment, after the artist released a “dance Catalonia” and assured them that it was “difficult to dance sitting down”.

“Nasa” has also not been missing, a song that he sings together with Alejandro Sanz on his new album, a song that he has said “is about the story of a man who calls Nasa to ask for a job”.

The artist has momentarily put an end to the concert with his cheerful and catchy “Vida de Rico”, and moments later he has returned to the stage to thank the public for confirming “that someone else believes that love is the greatest of revolutions” and He has asked them to keep their cell phones in their pockets for at least one song.

He has told the public: “It is a very important song for me, it shows that the most important journey you have is not more than 30 cm, from the head to the heart”, and then he has interpreted the song that gives name to his new He worked “From the inside to the outside” alone on stage playing the guitar while his “tribe” listened to him in deathly silence.

It was followed by “El misma aire”, another of his new songs, “Pegao”, with the entire crowd standing up moving to the rhythm of the lively song and after twenty songs and an hour and a half of concert he has chosen “Índigo”, name with which he baptized his daughter, to end his show.

Evaluna has jumped on stage again and both have shown off their great connection by interpreting this last song.

“Pegao” was played on the stage screens and the friendly Colombian danced with his musicians until Evaluna took him away.

After conquering Cap Roig, the Latin artist who will release his third studio album, “Inside Out” on September 6, will begin his new tour of New York, Mexico City, Miami, Orlando, Edinburg (USA) and other North American cities.

The one in charge of getting on the stage of the Calella de Palafrugell Botanical Gardens this Saturday will be Mika, an icon of international pop music with more than 10 million records sold. EFE.



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