Valery Revello denies reconciliation with Sergio Peña and denies Rodrigo González: “Impossible”

Valery Revello made it clear that he would not return with Sergio Peña.  (Photo: Instagram)
Valery Revello made it clear that he would not return with Sergio Peña. (Photo: Instagram)

Rodrigo Gonzalez surprised to reveal that Sergio Pena would be planning to win back Valery Revello after the strong rumors about the end of his relationship with Tepha Loza. The driver of Amor y Fuego revealed that a “rodriguista” informed him that the soccer player wants to reconcile with the mother of his little girl.

“What I understand and they have passed me by is that Sergio Peña would already be seeing Valery Revello. A rodriguista who knows that they are already in…”said the popular ‘Peluchín’ this last Monday, August 1.

Given this, the followers of Valery Revello They didn’t take long to ask him about it. And it is that the model decided to interact with users on Instagram by opening the famous box of questions and a netizen wanted to answer the doubts of many people.

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“Do you rule out going back to your ex? Rodri said that they are already in plans”, It is read in the stories of said social network and to which the young woman had no problem responding. As she explained, she does not want a false rumor to be circulating, so she made it clear that she would not go back with Sergio Pena.

IMPOSSIBLE. I wasn’t going to answer, but I don’t want false rumors and I’m in zen mode on the beach reading this book, I recommend it”wrote on an image of the leaves of a book.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

It is worth mentioning that the speculation that the player wanted to get his ex-wife back gained strength because the show host also hinted that Revello would have ended his romance with the former reality boy, diego rodriguez.

Let us remember that since Sergio Pena Y Valery Revello went public with their split, the two have been linked to different people. The baseball player began a relationship with the member of Esto es Guerra, while Revello was seen kissing Rodríguez.

It all started with a post by Tepha Loza in her Instagram stories, where she reflected on the importance of being happy in life despite difficult times. “Sometimes we blame life for every bad situation that happens to us, living in a perfect world, but if we are the one who fucks it up. We complicate our lives. Let’s be happy with what we have, even if it’s little, and let’s enjoy those we have by our side. To live, to love madly, to do crazy things to see the other person happy and for you. By oneself. Give thanks, enjoy, live and love.”

For his part, Sergio Peña he made another post, which he surprisingly decided to delete minutes later. I feel that you were the love of my life, but we never had a goodbye. Tell me if you come or I go, that cannot happen after today”.

Later, the footballer He boasted on his social networks that he went to a party with two beautiful blondes. Although he deleted his post, the photos had already gone viral. However, the models also shared images of the party they put together in a nightclub in Spain.

So far, neither Tepha Loza nor Sergio Peña have confirmed or denied a separation. Each one has decided to remain silent and ignore everything that has been talked about in the media.

Sergio Peña clarified that only his female companions are just his friends.  (Photo: Instagram)
Sergio Peña clarified that only his female companions are just his friends. (Photo: Instagram)


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