The brutal street fight between teenagers in Pachuca; a young man pulled out a firearm

The easy access to Firearms in Mexico has not only triggered the violence between organized crime groups, but also in minors.

An example was recorded in some basketball courts in the Matilde neighborhood of Pachucain the state of Hidalgo, when some youths they started a Fight that could end in tragedy.

Everything was recorded and broadcast on social networks since August 1. In the video of only 23 seconds, it is observed how a group of at least eight adolescents witnessed the fight between two minors, one in a white shirt and the other in black.

As they start walking and throwing punches, a girl is heard screaming “Hey, quit already!” and another of masculine gender say “no shit”.

Suddenly, the one in the black shirt manages to lift his rival andor brutally hits the ground as if it were on a wrestling ring. “That’s not okay!”exclaimed another female when she saw that the injured young man in a white shirt remains motionless on the pavement.

Everything became even more tense when another minor, in a gray shirt and a dark cap, seeing the result of the combat take out a gun and cut cartridge to warn: “Hey, to the chili what a f*ck, eh!… To the chili what a f*ck, eh!”addressed to the black shirt.

As if that were not enough, others encouraged him to activate the weapon: “Come on wey, come on, come on!”. That’s when they cut the recording.

Given this, the Secretary of Public Security of Hidalgo (SSPH) reported this Tuesday that “Through the Video Surveillance Unit, the incident was followed up and agents of the Municipal Police and the State Security Agency, through the Specialized Unit for the Prevention, Protection and Attention to Gender Violence, went to the place”.

with the above was located an adolescent, whose identity is reserved in accordance with the Seventeenth Chapter of the General Law on the Rights of Children and Adolescents (LGDNNA), and weighing above all the best interests of children.

The person was transferred to the offices of the State Security Agencywhere he received assistance from the Attorney for the Protection of Girls, Boys, Adolescents and the Family of the state of Hidalgo, as reported by the agency.

Derived from tracking through the C5i video surveillance network, at the site of the report a short firearm was seizedwhich was made available to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), through its representation in Hidalgo, for the development of the investigations accordingly.

According to a report published in 2018 by Unicef, half of the students between the ages of 13 and 15 in the world – around 150 million – said they had experienced peer violence in and around schools.

The report, Violence in Schools: A Daily Lesson, shows that peer violence occupies a pervasive role in the education of young people around the world, impacting both student learning and well-being. of rich and poor countries.

To end violence in schools, UNICEF and partners are calling for urgent action in the following areas.

– Implement policies and laws that protect students from violence in schools.

– Strengthen prevention and response measures in schools.

– Urge communities and individuals to join students in denouncing violence and working to change behaviors in classrooms and communities.

– Make more effective and targeted investments in solutions that are proven to help students and schools stay safe.


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