“I will not let comments about my body affect me”: Karely Ruíz responded to haters

Karely Ruíz was a victim of 'body shaming' (Photo: Screenshot)
Karely Ruíz was a victim of ‘body shaming’ (Photo: Screenshot)

The young influencer and OnlyFans model, Karely Ruizresponded to the attacks he received after the broadcast of a video in which he was seen enjoying a vacation on the beach in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

And it became a trend when people who recognized it They recorded her with her boyfriend and uploaded those videos on social networks. However, there was no lack of users who, seeing her naturally in her bikini, began to criticize her, noting that it does not look like his photographs.

In one of the videos of seeing Karely Ruiz from behind joking and later being hugged by her boyfriend, in this video you can see typical imperfections in anyone What stomach rolls and cellulite.

In another recording, she appears hand in hand with her boyfriend and in the company of a friend, who are crossing the street. Karely Ruiz was in her bikini showing her curves, however, although the action only lasts a few seconds, there were those who managed to find fault with the influencer.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

Although there were many “haters” several of her followers who came out to defend her and remind her how beautiful she is still being messy and outside the photo studio.

“Well, I see her very well, she looks beautiful”, “She is beautiful as always, I don’t know what’s wrong with people. More envious ”,“ she is normal, she does not always have to look perfect. I would like to see myself like this ”, were some of the comments of support.

Given this, the young woman from Monterrey decided to upload a story to thank those who defended her and cared for her after the Hate messages and “body shaming” for their imperfections.

“Thank you for all the support, my people, I love you so much, you are a part of me. Thank you for caring about me, I appreciate you very much and I am very grateful because I really feel very nice when they do it. THANK YOU,” she said.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

“I will not let comments about my body affect me,” he added.

Added to this, he uploaded two publications on his Instagram account. In the first, a black and white illustration was uploaded that has a phrase by Omar Concepción that says: “You are art, little one; never forget that.” In the image you can see the silhouette of a woman in a bikini who has rolls on her stomach.

In the following publication, she uploaded four photographs of her wearing brown pants, platforms and a green bustie, where she wrote: “Today I feel prettier than usual” to emphasize that the negative comments had no effect on their self-esteem.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

In a recent interview of the model for the program the saga, Karely told how she has been monetizing her content through the platform, and detailed how he strives to get his fans to subscribe month after month to his popular account.

“OnlyFans, more than anything, is to upload explicit content, but you can upload the content you prefer,” said the young woman and revealed that a subscription to her exclusive content has a cost of 16 dollars, about 320 Mexican pesos.

“I charge 16 dollars for the subscription, there are other girls who charge 32 or even 35 dollars, and I started charging 30 dollars but seeing that many people thought about paying more moneyI decided to lower the price to have more subscribers, “he said on the show.

Currently, Karely has 481 publications, 91 videos and more than 185 thousand fans. So according to estimates, taking into account her 4 thousand current subscribers, the content creator would win almost two million pesos a monthhas also pointed out that only in his first month on the platform he obtained 500 thousand pesos.


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