Agustín Rossi’s agent broke down after the fight with the Boca Council and revealed how much the goalkeeper earns: “My impression is that he doesn’t play anymore”

The criticism of the representative of Agustín Rossi and his analogy of what he was offered and the real proposal

After the declarations of the president of Boca Juniors, Jorge Amor Ameal on the situation of the renewal of Agustín Rossi’s contractthe archer’s representative, Miguel Gonzalez, went out to the crossroads and fired thick ammunition at the time of telling his truth. The businessman said that the Football Council lies about the information that he made known, regarding the goalkeeper wanting to leave. He said that he went to the meeting they had this Tuesday with the vice president of the club, Juan roman riquelmeand ended up revealing the details of how much the goalkeeper has been earning for two and a half years.

“Agustín wanted to continue. Unfortunately, they did not want to hear the difference that we had with Boca’s offer. It was a meeting in which they said it is this and this, for which there could be no rapprochement between the parties. We are not far. What bothers is what they are throwing away”, said González in an interview with Radio The Network.

“I offer to make the arrangement public, on television, wherever you want, with anyone from the Football Council, with Mr. Ameal or with Mr. Riquelme, we sit in front of the cameras and see what the real pieces are. ‘Cause it’s so easy to say ‘I’ll give you two Puerto Madero buildings’ and then you look and there are two plots of land in Villa Soldati. It is easy to dirty a player who gave everything for Boca. To a player who played, I’m not saying for free, but with the lowest salary in the First Division. It is very easy to say that he was offered the highest salary in the history of Boca. I don’t know whether to laugh. For that we put a television camera and we see what is the giant offer that Boca makes to Agustín Rossi. It’s amazing,” he said.

González pointed against Riquelme, Ameal and the Football Council
González pointed against Riquelme, Ameal and the Football Council

“What is surprising is that they go out to cover themselves saying that they asked for something crazy. Or say barbarities, that ‘he doesn’t stop in Boca anymore’. ‘That they are not going to sell it’. ‘Punish him,’” she stressed.

“This boy is the best thing a human being can have. He has played with low contracts, with proposals from outside that they did not want to hear. I’ve been asking for meetings for two years and we met because last Sunday people asked for Rossi and then they came out urgently to put something together and say ‘it’s this or nothing’. All lies. Let them say it in front of a television camera and show Rossi’s contract. It was a meeting that did not serve for anything. They are impositions, they give you the contract, the years, they impose the money, the form of payment and you have no right to say anything. You have to grab the pen and sign”, he accused.

“Riquelme was at the meeting. Now I don’t want Roman’s operators to come out and talk. Rossi showed in the last two years that he was up to the task of being Boca’s goalkeeper and maybe, in the future, of the Argentine team. That he has to go this way is nameless,” he added.

Agustín Rossi’s representative stated that “my impression is that he no longer plays in Boca”

When asked if Rossi was going to defend the Xeneize goal again, he was blunt: “The impression he gave me is that he no longer plays in Boca. They told me that the only condition for which they sell it is for 18 million dollars for the clause. They don’t care about the money because they told me ‘no matter how much they come with money, we’re not going to sell it’. Instead of selling it they want to have it running around the field”.

He clarified that he wanted to testify “because atrocities have been said. The easiest thing in this is to show the evidence. We told them that, in the contract, instead of the gross we want the net, nothing more. The difference is the taxes.. Then he broke down by stating that “my fever is for this boy. It’s a shame to do this to this boy. They leave him dirty because he ‘doesn’t want to sign’, now they are going to have to put the money in someone else, but they don’t want to put the money in Rossi. That they don’t come out later to say that she asked for something crazy. Let them clean up what is written. Lie (N. of the R: that they offered him 11 million dollars until December 2026). They didn’t offer him that. They offered him less than that, gross and at the official dollar. We do not ask that it be net”.

Agustín Rossi’s representative revealed the details of how much the goalkeeper has been earning for two and a half years

In addition, he said that “Agustín is very disappointed because he gave everything for Boca. That they come to tell me that Agustín Rossi is the best paid goalkeeper in the history of Boca is yet another nonsense. I hope these guys get their act together because it’s either this or nothing, no matter who they are. I want them to stop lying because I’m going to go on television to show the contract.”

If there is no solution, he maintained that “in three or four months you will have the pass in your possession and you have offers from various parts of the world (among them Flamengo recognized their interest) Y three clubs in Argentina that pay you more than in Boca. There are guys who called me because the pass is included and they want to buy the pass. Until now, Rossi has been eating three bologna sandwiches and now Boca wants to react for a four-year contract. What we ask is all included, what do you want, that I give you the pass?”.

Finally, he gave details of how much Rossi charges: “For two and a half years he has been charging a million and a half pesos a month. If you spend it in dollars, it’s 4,000 dollars a month or 50,000 a year and he won five titles in Boca. ‘It’s your fault because you signed this contract,’ they told me today. Okay, I don’t want to make the same mistake because this guy doesn’t deserve this in any way. They never lifted a finger”.


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