Acapulco: UPOEG attacked the deputy prosecutor’s caravan with bullets after blockades sent by the narco

Members of the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG) they attacked with bullets the caravan of the deputy prosecutor of the entity when he was traveling through Acapulcoleaving as balance two alleged assailants wounded and other detainees with armament.

Ramon Celayadeputy prosecutor of Warriorreported that his staff was in support by roadblockswhose speeches led taxi drivers sent by the narco in the community of three sticksin the rural area of ​​the port.

When the ministerials got to the point, heading to tunzingo, the cut to circulation had already ceased, without the reasons that caused this chaos being clear. However, the agents continued to patrol the area and were intercepted by carmed civilians who managed to flee.

They are presumed to be assassins operating in the area, but their belonging to a specific faction has not been specified. The deputy prosecutor indicated that due to this first attack, no casualties or injuries were recorded.

(Photo: Twitter/@antoniosolanoa)
(Photo: Twitter/@antoniosolanoa)

But during his journey, the convoy of about 50 elements of the prosecution who were with the official was attacked again. Only then it was members of the UPOEGsupposedly aligned with the narco of the cell of the Russians.

As a result of these attacks there were two injured who were transferred for medical intervention and five more that were insured. The preliminary report indicates four long guns secured.

Ramon Celaya He specified that all the detainees are of legal age and are fully identified. During the afternoon of this August 2 they were made available to the Public ministry. They face crimes such as possession of firearms, attempted murder, attacks on communication routes and others that accumulate.

The deputy prosecutor was emphatic in mentioning that taxi drivers who protested with blockades never indicated the reasons for it and assured that they were deployed by organized crime operators, against whom the operations will not yield.

“Zero tolerance for blocking, but also zero tolerance for criminals, The Costa Chica and specifically Acapulco can no longer be under the control of either the UPOEG or the Russians”, the official said after the attack.

We are not going to allow them to impose their terror in this area and we are going to act accordingly.

The official specified that they still have to agree on the removal of filters from the UPOEG on federal roads, but that will be in coordination with more government orders such as the Department of Public Securitygovernment and military forces.

“That person, no matter what they claim to be a community police officer, criminal or any taxi driver who illegally blocks the roads, is going to be arrested,” he warned.

After the attack, more agents from the Army, National Guard and the warrior policeeven the municipal police of Acapulco. Well, the climbs of the UPOEG again they were present against the authorities.

Although the UPOEG has consolidated itself as a civil guard, reports indicate that it is infiltrated by organized crime groups close to the Sinaloa Cartel. On the recent July 5, the Warrior Congress endorsed a purging process that allows those who are in collusion with drug traffickers to be excluded.

Both signs are decisive: the link exists, it has been recognized and the leader arrested on June 28, Jesus Calleja Clemente, Commander Alley me the Mutt, is a key piece of it in the cell that responds to Jose Gil Caro Quinteroknown as Mr Jose, Jogileither the Chinese hair, nephew of Rafael Caro Quintero, the drug dealer.


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