Yeison Jiménez revealed the last meeting she had with Darío Gómez

Yeison Jiménez shared the last meeting she had with Darío Gómez.  (Colprensa - Álvaro Tavera)
Yeison Jiménez shared the last meeting she had with Darío Gómez. (Colprensa – Álvaro Tavera)

Only a few days have passed since the country knew the death of Darío Gómez, one of the greatest exponents of popular music and the genre of spite in Colombia. The artist, a native of San Jerónimo, died at the Las Américas clinic, located in Medellín and from there, his followers paid tribute by singing some of his greatest hits.

Several popular music artists, including Yeison Jiménez, shared on their social networks what it meant for them and their careers, the fact that the king of spite helped them forge the path to unleash their lyrics heartbreak

Recently, the interpreter of songs like Adventurer, Your Lover and My Revenge, He shared on his social networks, where he has more than four million followers, a clip in which the emotional meeting he had with Darío Gómez is observed. In the images you can see the artists surrounded by several cameras and very attentive to the conversation they are having.

Something that can be perceived in the audio of the conversation is that Yeison Jiménez was being praised by the man from Antioquia, who also highlighted the talent and affection he felt for him: “I love you culicagado, I adore you. You are my trajectory, my legacy”while taking one of his hands and Jiménez thanked him for his words.

At that moment, Yeison Jiménez expressed the pain she feels, because she never thought that this would be the last space she would have in life to share with her idol of popular music.

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“Incredibly and with great anger I say it. I did not know that it was the last time that she spoke with the king, the king of spite ”he added.

The images quickly went viral and his followers did not take long to respond to the publication with some messages of support for the bad experience that the artists of this genre would be going through with the departure of Darío Gómez to eternity, his songs remain in the memory and the good memories left by his music to overcome the tusas.

Some of the comments expressed by his followers in the publication that rests on the ‘La chismosa news’ account are: “The nobility, honesty of a man of integrity and sincerity, his spirit will always live, God is with you, Mr. Darío Gómez Zapata”; “A true gentleman, Darío Gómez. He will forever live in the hearts of each of us who appreciate him “among others.

Next, you can see the full video that Yeison Jiménez shared on her social networks:

Through his Instagram stories, the popular music singer moved his followers

There were several artists who, through their social networks, lamented the departure of Darío Gómez, one of them was Giovanni Ayala, who wrote with deep pain:

“This is one of those news that is difficult to assimilate, as the teacher said, The Great King of Spite, ‘if anyone feels sadness, make a beautiful silence’ here there are no words and there is plenty of love wrapped in sadness. Peace in his grave, God has him in his Holy Glory. An incomparable artist who marked many generations, a great human being, leaves today leaving us a great legacy that will undoubtedly keep him alive. Today I raise a prayer to God to grant all his family and followers a lot of strength. Rest in peace”.

Like Ayala, Pipe Bueno also expressed his condolences with an emotional video. On her part, Arelys Henao shared a reel of photographs in the different spaces in which she met the king of spite.


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