With a hat-trick by Kimmi Ascanio, the United States thrashed Puerto Rico 12-0

United States midfielder Kimmi Ascanio scored three goals in his team’s landslide victory against Puerto Rico, in the match for date 1 of CONCACAF Group B – Women’s Under 15 Championship 2022. The away goals were made by Kimmi Ascanio who converted a Hat-Trick (6′ 1T, 9′ 1T and 14′ 1T), Kennedy Fuller (26′ 1T, 32′ 1T, 4′ 2T and 21′ 2T), Alexandra Pfeiffer who converted a Hat-Trick (31′ 1T, 36′ 1T and 34′ 2T), Abby Ballek (12′ 2T) and Ashlyn Puerta (14′ 2T).

Puerto Rico will host Canada on the next round, while the United States will visit Jamaica at Hillsborough County Sportsplex Field 2.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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