Wife of ‘Coyote’ Rivera says that Doña Peta knew about the end of her marriage: “It must be affecting her”

Lorena Cárdenas assures that Doña Peta knew about their separation.  (Photo: Capture)
Lorena Cárdenas assures that Doña Peta knew about their separation. (Photo: Capture)

The name of Lorraine Cardenas has begun to sound in the Peruvian show business after the images of her husband Julio ‘Coyote’ Rivera dancing and kissing a woman. Although the ampay shook the Peruvian show business on the night of August 1, this Tuesday afternoon Cárdenas went on television to reveal that the two had been separated since the beginning of April.

The mother of the soccer player’s children appeared in En Boca de Todos to ensure that they are no longer in a romantic relationship and only live together for the well-being of their little ones. In the middle of her interview, the hosts of the magazine wanted to know if Dona Peta knew about your separation and if you have given him any support.

“After this episode, has Doña Peta given you her support, have you talked to her or had a dialogue with her?”consulted Ricardo Rondón and to what Lorraine Cardenas He had no problem responding by pointing out that his mother-in-law is also affected by the breakup and that she did know about the end of her marriage.

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“I have spoken with Peta, it affects me and I am very sorry to have to put her in the middle. I love her very much and I imagine that it must also be affecting her because of the great affection she has for me, seeing that her son’s marriage ended. Peta cares a lot about us.”Cardenas said.

Let us remember that, at Lorraine Cardenas he has been seen sharing with Dona Petronilla on different occasions showing that they maintain an excellent friendship and family bond. For this reason, Maju Mantilla did not hesitate to ask her if she would continue to visit her mother. Julio Rivera.

“The fact that there is a separation does not have to separate you from the people you love. I adore my mother-in-law, I love Julio’s aunts very much. They will always be part of my family. The fact that we have separated, does not mean that I do not see myself with Peta “he stressed.

Wife of ‘Coyote’ Rivera tells how her current relationship with Doña Peta is after ending with her son. (VIDEO: America TV)

Finally, Lorena ruled out a future reconciliation with the ex-player, pointing out that as friends they understand each other better. “No, not anymore (a reconciliation). I think as friends we will get along much better. We are going to be parents all our lives and it is about having the party in peace and being calm”he stated, leaving the presenters of the América TV space surprised.


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