Wife of ‘Coyote’ Rivera confirmed the end of the relationship between Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró

Famous couple had been dragging problems for several months, but still neither of them confirms the news.

The images published on their social networks spoke for themselves, but an official version was needed to confirm the break between Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miróone of the most solid and beloved couples of the Peruvian show business.

In the latest edition of the program of the controversial journalist Magaly Medina, the still wife of ‘Coyote’ Rivera, provided some brief, but forceful statementswhich would reveal the end of a love story that had plans to reach the altar.

“It is their intimacy, their relationship, and each one leads his life and we are all fine. They are gone!”said Lorena Cárdenas for the cameras of the ATV program, confirming what was rumored a few weeks ago in various media and social networks.

For Magaly Medina, there is no better source than that of Alondra García Miró’s ex-sister-in-law, since their friendly relationship is very intimate. “Now you see her who has not been uncovered so much alone for a long time, on trips, in Europe, with more daring clothes, with bikinis. And as everyone knows, when she was with Paolo, she was not dedicated to her career and she did not expose herself as much ”indicated the driver.

Even in a report presented by Magaly Tv La Firme, they made a summary of the walks, photos and videos, which currently the beautiful model publishes on her social networks, even accompanied by friends, which before did not do and kept away from public life.

Although, so far, Paolo Guerrero nor Alondra García Miró confirmed the end of their relationshipthe problems between them had been dragging on for months, even the last time they were seen together, it was in January of this year during the soccer player’s birthday.

Janet Barboza assures that Alondra García Miró and Paolo Guerrero would have finished due to wedding pressure.  (Photo: Instagram)
Janet Barboza assures that Alondra García Miró and Paolo Guerrero would have finished due to wedding pressure. (Photo: Instagram)

These statements were made by Lorena Cárdenas, wife of “Coyote” Rivera, when she was approached by the “Urraca” reporters for the ampay that was made to the footballer on July 23where he is seen dancing and kissing a young woman.

In this regard, Alondra Miró’s ex-sister-in-law did not want to go into details about the future of her marriage, but if indicated that these problems are treated at “home”because they belong to the private life of people.

As remembered, Magaly Medina he returned from vacation with his famous ampays. This is how the well-known “Urraca” began the month of August, who in the latest edition of the Magaly TV program La Firme revealed images of a meeting of the former player of the U, Julio ‘Coyote’ Rivera, with a mysterious woman.

The eldest son of “Doña Peta” was very affectionate with the young woman in a well-known Miraflores karaokewhere they danced and kissed passionately, apparently not caring about being in a public place.

“It was a karaoke, very cool. It should be suitable for cheaters”commented the ATV journalistwho also indicated that the couple was so excited about their meeting that they took over the dance floor.

The date of the ampay is July 23, for which it was questionable for Magaly Medina that the “Coyote” Rivera spends a “night” life with a woman other than his wife, Lorena Cárdenas. “They recently went out together, they were at the mother-in-law’s birthday”added the driver.

“As far as we knew, he had an almost perfect marriage, a very united family”added the “Urraca” when sharing with viewers the compromising images of Paolo Guerrero’s older brother.

During the note presented on the ATV program, they indicated that the former soccer player would have realized that they were recording him, but the “special moment” he lived had more power, and he continued with his dances and caresses.


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