Why can’t people over 30 enter clubs in South Korea?

Photos South Korea / Source: Pinterest
Photos South Korea / Source: Pinterest

Not everything we see in K-dramas is real. With the rise of the Korean entertainment world, many young people and adults have chosen this Asian country to make it their new home, either for a short study stay or to become residents, find a job and be a responsible citizen.

Many have had an approach to this territory thanks to their successful series or musical groups that accumulate a large number of followers. This is how some have formed an idea of ​​what South Korea is, its inhabitants and traditions, although this concept can change radically with the latest publications that have been made from there.

the mexican youtuber Luisito Communicates started a new adventure in the country of K-pop. In a series of videos shared on her social networks, she explained how nightlife for foreigners and what he had to experience when trying to have fun in a disco.

Although there is a fluency of tourism, there are still not many people who speak English, so knowing a little Korean will be good for your stay.

Photos South Korea / Source: Pinterest
Photos South Korea / Source: Pinterest

According to his story, in several places they denied him entry for being over 30 years old. He received this response in different establishments, showing that there was a difference with him, since other people, of the same age range, did agree.

What is behind the discrimination against foreigners?

It is not a new topic for travelers arriving in South Korea. The discrimination experienced in the cities stems from the recent opening that the inhabitants have had to the outside world. What does this mean?

With the popularity that the Nation obtained, thanks to its entertainment proposal in music and acting, a large percentage of visitors came to the Korean territory, surprising the inhabitants.

Photos South Korea / Source: Pinterest
Photos South Korea / Source: Pinterest

It may be a kind of resistance to the new or fear of the non-continuity of their traditions that this type of case occurs. At this point it is important to note that in study centers, nightclubs, restaurants and even food places They usually have a sign that indicates the non-admission of foreigners, prohibiting their entry.

There are some exceptions. For example, when a citizen is accompanied by a foreigner, they can enter certain places where only Koreans are allowed access.

Aren’t adults allowed to enter clubs in South Korea?

All foreigners or national adults have the right to have fun. For this group of people, who are labeled as “not young”, there are specific clubs that they can go to.

Photos South Korea / Source: Pinterest
Photos South Korea / Source: Pinterest

There are even places where only Latino tourists or other nationalities meet. As usual, seoul It is the city that offers the most variety to its visitors, while in the provinces or interior of Korea, they are more conservative in accepting visitors.

What to do if you visit South Korea?

The first step is to inform yourself well about the places you can enter and what type of documentation they will ask you for. Remember that you are a visitor to their country, so you must respect their rules and traditions.

Always carry emergency numbers with you in case an incident occurs.

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