This is War: Jossmery Toledo and Gabriela Herrera are eliminated by their own teammates

Jossmery Toledo and Gabriela Herrera said goodbye to This is War.  (Photo: Capture)
Jossmery Toledo and Gabriela Herrera said goodbye to This is War. (Photo: Capture)

This Monday, August 1, This is war began its edition by announcing new changes in the program. To the surprise of many, the Court made the warriors and fighters decide for one of its members to leave the reality show permanently.

The production put chairs in the middle of the set and gave each one a piece of paper with a marker to write the name of the person they want to eliminate. At first, everyone disagreed but they had no choice but to vote for the person they considered “weakest” or who should not reach the final.

The ‘Combat’ team began with the vote and Jossmery Toledo was one of the first to receive several points against. Rafael Cardozo and Fabio Agostini followed in the numbers, who were also named by their teammates.

It is worth mentioning that everyone had to give their reasons for voting. The last to show his blade was Said Palao. “I am sure of my vote because it is a purely competitive issue, I have grabbed the one with the best level. I don’t want to delve too much into the subject and I want this to end.” the reality boy said seconds before pointing out that he chose Jossmery Toledo.

The reality girl received the hug of the rest of the participants as well as the host Renzo Schuller. “It is falling on all of us like a bucket of cold water. Jossmery unfortunately is the first eliminated “said the television presenter.

Jossmery Toledo was eliminated from This is War. (VIDEO: America TV)

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On the side of the warriors, Gabriella Herrera she was chosen to be eliminated from her team. According to the arguments they gave, the young dancer is not at the level they need to win the final circuit of This is warfor which they gave him five votes against.

Although Patricio Parodi and Michelle Soifer each received one point, most competitors had no choice but to choose the reality girl. The last to show her paper written with a name was Hugo García, who was outraged by what was happening.

With sadness, the warriors said goodbye to their companion amid hugs and words of encouragement. The driver Johanna San Miguel She did not remain silent and expressed her annoyance before the cameras. “We warriors are fine as we are, we feel comfortable, happy, we are united and we are sure that these changes have been due to complaints from other people, because they have gone to the producer to cry so that there are changes.”

Gabriela Herrera is eliminated from This is War. (VIDEO: America TV)


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