The moving story of “Nachito”, the puppy who died after being bitten by a coral snake for defending his family

The brave canine was called "nachito" (Photo: Facebook / Jorge Luna)
The brave canine was called “Nachito” (Photo: Facebook / Jorge Luna)

Pets have become the best company that anyone can have at home because, in addition to bringing happiness and companionship to hundreds of homes, human beings give those animals the opportunity to have a decent life with a roof and food that possibly due to world conditions they cannot find outside.

The domestication of animals has become one of the most popular ways of approaching humans with animals, because, although it is known that multiple species have a natural habitat and instincts that guide their lifestyle on planet earth, Many others find in people that refuge and company to which they give all their love and loyalty.such is the case of dogs.

Dogs have become the most popular pets in Mexico and, although their domestication varies in the different states, what is certain is that they also they have starred in countless heroic stories where they have made it clear why they are considered worldwide as “man’s best friends”.

The brave puppy saved his family from a snake attack (Photo: Facebook / Jorge Luna)
The brave puppy saved his family from a snake attack (Photo: Facebook / Jorge Luna)

Recently, the story of a small dog named “Nachito” went viral on social networks; was his owner, a male veterinarian by profession identified as George Moonwho shared in his personal account of Facebook that unfortunately last Sunday in July he and his family had to fire the canine from this earthly world.

Although the news alone was unfortunate,Nachito” went from being just another pet to becoming the hero of that family who cared for him and sheltered him for a year and for which the heroic canine gave his life.

According to the story of its owner, that tragic Sunday a poisonous snake, of the coral species, managed to sneak into the porch of his house located in the southern state of Yucatan.

Although the presence of the dangerous and poisonous animal terrified Jorge Luna and his family, the one who really smelled the danger was little “Nachito” who was woken up by his instinct protective and pounced against the coral snake to prevent it from attacking one of its owners.

Although the brave canine managed to end the life of the dangerous snake, in the unusual confrontation said viper managed to bite “Nachito” thus injecting a dose of its lethal venom to the system of the beloved pet of veterinarian Sergio Luna.

His owner fired Nachito with a moving message on social networks (Photo: Facebook / Jorge Luna)
His owner fired Nachito with a moving message on social networks (Photo: Facebook / Jorge Luna)

Unfortunately, the body of “Nachito” could not withstand the powerful poison of the coral snake so he died after saving his family from the attack of the viper.

However, to send him off as he deserves, his owner Jorge Luna dedicated a moving message to the canine hero through your private account Facebookin which, in addition to thanking him for his courage, he remembered that year of life of adventures and love that they shared and for which the little dog surely did not hesitate to give his life.

Goodbye Nachito, goodbye brave baby, you paid with your life to protect your family from whom you knew could harm themone of the most poisonous coral snakes that snuck onto the porch of the house and you managed to kill it, but it bit you and your little body couldn’t get over it. Thank you for the year of love and adventures that you gave usWe will never forget you, beautiful baby, you were a hero defending your family”, the owner of the little dog posted on his Facebook account.

The tragic episode left a great pain for the family of little “Nachito” but undoubtedly that brave canine will be remembered for his nobility and heloyalty to their ownersfor whom he did not care to put his life at risk.


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