The hard stage that Ángela Leiva went through to get to her first Luna Park: “I didn’t feel like an artist of the stature to be there”

In their minds, their music triggers thousands of memories: wishes, old loves and the images of those who are no more. Their shows take them to another time and let them travel through life. According to her, some women even have catharsis and tell her about their problems in the middle of the show. Angela Leiva He still doesn’t get it, but he knows that’s where all that empathy and magic is born: “Sometimes I don’t understand how people make so much skin with one. They don’t really know me, I mean they know what they see on stage”.

Since call their daughters Angela until they ensured that their relatives overcame illnesses after listening to their musicFor her fans, she is unique and even performs “miracles”. “I try to get out of that place where they want to put me, I am one more mine, I am more common than they think. They have told me every story… I consider myself quite authentic there, but it is not all that I am, it is a large part, ”says the singer.

After 13 years of careerthat girl full of illusions who dreamed of singing is one step away from achieving a new milestone and adding another “star” to her career: performing for the first time in Luna Park. The calendar marks December 4, on that day the artist will carry the flag of the cumbia and tropical music to the emblematic stadium to live a party with your Forbidden Love Tour.

Ángela Leiva made her debut as an actress with the role of Gina in the series 1-5/18 –awarded the Argentine Martín Fierro for best fiction–, which she set to music with her song Amor Prohibido
Ángela Leiva made her debut as an actress with the role of Gina in the series 1-5/18 –awarded the Argentine Martín Fierro for best fiction–, which she set to music with her song Amor Prohibido

To get here he had to face many fears, some even internal, that is why the announced night takes on more relevance: “It generates a lot of anxiety, a lot of commitment, a lot of responsibility. I feel like a hostess like when you celebrate a birthday and say: ‘I want the sandwich, the drink, everything to be there’. To me It happened to me that I didn’t feel like an artist of the stature to be in a Luna Park, imagine how contaminated my head was, I didn’t feel like going to a place”.

Drop after drop, silently and surreptitiously, the poison of a toxic and violent relationship led the singer to adopt these types of thoughts. These knives came from the innermost circle of hers, her representative and music producer constantly threw them. “That person was my partner, my trusted person, it was everything, then one day I found myself being a victim of gender violence, of psychological violencewhich is very difficult to traverse. Especially because I really believed that I was not worth it, but that the other was worth, that he was the one who had supposedly created me, had made me the songs and blah, blah, blah, blah, ”explains Leiva.

Breaking those invisible chains and silencing that inner voice became a pivotal moment in his personal life and his career: 2019 defined who Ángela Leiva is. “Where was I? there was a floor cloth, a floor cloth was worth more than me. And one day I had to say: ‘Well enough, it’s not like that, I am what I am’. Lastly, I have to thank my parents who conceived me, the one who broke her back working, the one who studied and the one who perfected herself was me. There I began to understand life from another place.”

Therefore, the creator of “Liar, Coward, Cheater” arrives at Luna Park with an unshakeable mentality: “Today I feel different, I feel that I wear it with pride, that for me it is like the icing on the cake after all this time that I have been sowing many good things. Obviously it is a very emblematic place, but there is no right to feel so little, one has to feel proud”.

It would be the ideal way to close a dream year in which he not only toured the country, but also was particularly called by the Blue Angels to share the stage in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. And as an extra she debuted as an actress with the role of Gina in the series 1-5/18 -awarded with Martin Fierro Argentinian for the best fiction– which he set to music with his theme “Forbidden love”.

The experience helped her leave behind many insecurities and turn off the voices that echoed in adolescence, especially in front of the mirror. “’How does he look at me?’, ‘What does he say about me?’, ‘Will they love me like that?’ I felt completely invaded, but the invasion was in me, I invaded myself with my insecurities. Then I began to accept myself as I am, to work on those things that I didn’t like. If you want the acceptance of the other you have to accept yourself. If not, you’re baked. If not, who will accept you?

I did not feel an edge of the stature to be in a Luna Park, imagine how contaminated my head was, I felt little to go to a place

That process forged an Angela like no other who dominates everything that happens above and below the stage. Whether in Great Britain, Sweden, Paraguay, Argentina, or wherever her shows take her. Cumbia knows no borders.

Giant posters with statements to their ex-partners and unbridled screams, each fan lives it as they want. Although, sometimes the limits are lost. Stockings, underpants, tiny panties, on stage Leiva receives everything. A smile or a look of astonishment appears on his face, he takes everything with great humor, or rather almost everything. In one of his presentations in Bolivia, they threw a condom at him. “It’s It made me uncomfortable, but because I felt that it was done by a person who wanted to play the canchera, like ‘Look what I throw at you!’ That’s where I stopped the show, everything, I grabbed it from the floor and said: ‘Who threw this at me?’ When you ask people, they start looking for each other and a couple pointed to one of them and that person, who was a man, played dumb. So I retorted him with one thing. The same when they yell things at me, the so-called compliments. They make me uncomfortable”, the artist is sincere.

Ángela is not paralyzed, she seeks to get out of the discomfort and shoots, brings out the neighborhood and responds with the same character that she forged as a girl in the place where she grew up: “I have a lot of neighborhood too, I grew up in San José Temperley, I was born in Tandil, but I grew up in the neighborhood. I have a lip, from a very young age I had male friends and later in this field most of the musicians are men, I am one more. That’s why I answered her with a guarangada that she couldn’t say anything else, poor thing “.

That same determination was what opened the door to the world of acting. Yes ok on stage he shows a version of an acting singer, who plays a lot with the dramatic, he had never explored this plane. Such was the case that the producer Polka he summoned her for the casting of the strip 1-5/18 thinking she was an actress. “It was throwing myself into the pool with something I didn’t know about. It was very magical, because whenever I watched television I felt capable of acting. In my house they saw all the soap operas”. And she confesses: “I can’t explain how embarrassed I was the day I went to the Martín Fierro… Because they were all actors except me. It really happened that I felt very comfortable where she was.

However, it was different when he found out who he had to share the cast with and the role he had to play. “When I found out the role that my character was going to be, which was the sister of BrunoWhat is it Gonzalo HerediaI said: ‘Oh, what do I do?’ An attack seized me because I say, Gonzalo Heredia… not just anyone, do you understand? The gallant of Argentina. There I had to make a whole mental concentration to believe that I could do it next to him. Fortunately Gonza it is a love, it is a divine”.

Ángela Leiva was particularly called by the Blue Angels to share the stage in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina
Ángela Leiva was particularly called by the Blue Angels to share the stage in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina

What was the most difficult scene to record?

“The sex scenes. There other things begin to play: it is already the body, the insecurity that we all have. Besides, in those scenes there was Gonzalo, me and 30 people from the other side. I had to make myself a security balloon and say: “Ready, they are invisible”. And then the attempted rape scenes were what left me the most physically compromised. The recordings were going very badly for me, it affected me a lot.

—How is the Angela who gets on stage?

—I try to be as authentic as possible, if I want to be an example or a channel I have to show myself as I am so that the other also knows that he can show himself as he is, calmly.

—How do you see the current tropical scene?

—Today you achieved a crossover that happened, for example, in the 90s with what was Shadow Group, Daniela Agostini, the jackals, that wave of the longhairs. Today we are in a very nice moment because wherever you are, you listen to cumbia: you put on the TV and you listen to cumbia. In which the artists who didn’t do cumbia now want to do cumbia. It means that there is something very big that is happening and that the style has well deserved it because for many years it was ignored. It is in a special moment that I am proud of and I think I am also a flag bearer.

“When fame hit you, did you know how to handle it?”

—I remember that the heaviest thing that happened to me was when I was very young, just starting out. One day I go down to the bathroom at a gas station, I’m peeing and suddenly I hear murmurs. I look up and they were filming me, they passed their arms. That day I got angry, I got very angry because it was my privacy, something as intimate as going to the bathroom. And then I said: _”What could happen to me more seriously than this?”.


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