Prosecutor opens investigation against former president Peña Nieto

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office reported Tuesday that it has launched three investigations against former President Enrique Peña Nieto for alleged corruption offenses.

In a statement, the Prosecutor’s Office disclosed the cases without giving the full name of the person under investigation, but a federal official, who requested anonymity for not being able to make statements about an open investigation, confirmed that it is Peña Nieto, who ruled Mexico between 2012-2018 .

In July, Mexico’s anti-money laundering agency had charged the former president with handling millions of dollars in possibly illegal funds. He is now also accused of alleged crimes of an electoral nature, money laundering and illicit enrichment.

According to the statement from the Prosecutor’s Office, the first case includes various complaints in which the Spanish construction company OHL is involved. In it, “both crimes of an electoral nature, and patrimonial crimes” are investigated.

“In this investigation, progress will allow prosecutions in the coming months,” adds the press release.

The second case originates from complaints filed by the tax authorities “for money laundering and illegal international transfers.” The Prosecutor’s Office explained that before prosecuting the case, “expert tax and fiscal opinions are required, which have already been requested, while various essential evidence is obtained” in order to eventually be able to open a process.

This investigation is the one originated by the denunciations of the Mexican agency against money laundering, the official clarified.

The third investigation has to do with an alleged crime of illicit enrichment, in which the fiscal and patrimonial opinions are being released. According to the official, it originated from a complaint filed by an individual about whether Peña Nieto accumulated more assets than declared during his presidency.

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