Noah Schnapp: Peruvian fan managed to record a TitkTok with the Stranger Things actor and causes a furor in networks

Noah Schnapp recorded Tiktok with a Peruvian.  (Photo: Composition)
Noah Schnapp recorded Tiktok with a Peruvian. (Photo: Composition)

Noah Schnapp met his Peruvian fans for the first time this Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31, at the Comic Convention Lima 2022. There are many followers who managed to hug him, take photos and even ask him for an autograph, however, only one – as reported so far – has been able to record a TikTok with the star of stranger things.

In the video you can see the 17-year-old interacting with a fan, with whom he agreed to make a TikTokin this material it is seen how both dance on stage, in front of numerous fans. “A dream for many, a reality for her”, can be read on the Instagram of the fan club of Noah Schnappwho shared the video of the user @Carlaalvaa.

“The best day, I still don’t process it @noahschnapp ilysmmm (I love you so much), you are the best,” the follower wrote when posting her dance with Noah.

This material has not taken long to go viral and cause shock among Noah’s faithful followers, who not only congratulate the young woman for achieving this TikTokbut also express the envy they feel.

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As recalled, Noah Schnapp caused an uproar as soon as he set foot in Peru. Immediately, the artist traveled to Ica for tourism and he was even caught partying with his mother. It was the actor himself who was in charge of publishing his experience in the hard ones. In an interview with the business, he highlighted that it was a place that had been highly recommended to him.

“We sandboarded some dunes and I tried local food, I ate lomo saltado, I loved it. I had already heard that Peru was a wonderful place,” Noah told El Comercio.

He also indicated that Peru was a place he wanted to visit, because he was very struck by the fact that the statistics indicate that Lima is one of the cities where he has the most fans.

“I had to add them to my list, I had to come”, said Noah Schnapp, who noted that seeing his fans outside his hotel made him experience “an incredible feeling.”

“Knowing that there is so much love around the world, I love being here, it is a beautiful place, the people are very sweet and beautiful”added the actor.

In his first appearance on stage in the Comic Convention Lima 2022, the artist was surprised with Peruvian music. In the midst of the national holidays, Noah got to know a bit of the Peruvian rhythm through the celebration. Already on stage he began to play the well-known song ‘Jipi Jay’ by Pepe Vásquez, for which he was invited to dance a little.

Before the applause of his followers, Will from Stranger Things put aside his nerves and took out his best steps and movements, while following the rhythm of a fan who helped him get to know our music a little.

But that was not the only time he danced, already on his second day, the artist was surprised with another fun rhythm and it was a merengue. Again in the company of his translator, he was encouraged to dance to the applause of his beloved fans.

Noah Schnapp danced Pepe Vásquez’s celebration. (Video: Twitter)
Noah Schnapp danced merengue on his last day in Lima. (Video: Twitter)


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