K-pop concerts in Peru: Which Korean artists are visiting us in 2022?

Latest news of K-pop concerts in Peru for this 2022.
Latest news of K-pop concerts in Peru for this 2022.

The music industry promoted from South Korea has had a valuable impact on our country. Peru has become one of the destinations that hosts a significant number of fans who support their favorite artists, especially when it comes to disseminating information about them, upcoming concerts, television appearances, among others.

There is no doubt that gender k pop is marking a before and after in the entertainment scene, since its stars are in charge of starring in impressive live shows, in addition to demonstrating all their talent in singing and dancing.

Although pop is currently the most represented, there are other genres, such as hip-hop and rock, that are also making their way into the international market. One of the experiences that every fan should live, at least once, is to go to this type of show, where they will not only enjoy live music, but also be able to share with fan communitiesbeing a closer interaction.

2022 is the year of live concerts.  Find out which artists have confirmed their presence in Peru.
2022 is the year of live concerts. Find out which artists have confirmed their presence in Peru.

Some ‘fandoms’ even congregate beforehand to arrive at the shows as a group, added to this, the organization behind each activity they carry out in order to promote the work of the fans. ‘idols’.

For your calendar of shows, we present all the details and latest news of the concerts in Peru 2022. Find out who are the K-pop artists who will visit our country this year.

Kim Hyun Joong in Peru 2022: the “Boys over flowers” ​​actor and South Korean singer confirms 4 concerts in Latin America.

When will the concert be? It has been scheduled in Lima for this October 4 at the Plaza Arena of the Jockey Club of Peru. It will also be presented in Mexico, Bolivia and Chile.

Kim Hyun Joong returns to Peru in 2022.
Kim Hyun Joong returns to Peru in 2022.

Heo Young Saeng in Peru: the former member of the group SS501 returns to Peruvian lands after 9 years. According to data confirmed by his official Instagram account, the interpreter will visit Lima and then continue his national tour in Arequipa.

Heo Young Saeng in Peru.  Capture: Instagram.
Heo Young Saeng in Peru. Capture: Instagram.

Heo Young Saeng concert dates:

– Saturday May 28 in Arequipa – Municipal Theater.

– Sunday, May 29 in Lima – CC Teatro Leguía.

Heo Young Saeng concert, ticket price:

– Fan meeting: S/ 750

– VIP: S/ 350

– General S/ 150

People over 14 years of age may enter. Those who are 18 years of age or older must present their vaccination card with their 3 doses.

This is the K-hop group that will visit Peru. Learn more about them.

DPR in Peru: the members of Dream Perfect Regime will arrive in our country as part of their tour “The Regime Tour” on October 21 at the Plaza Arena of the Jockey Club. These musicians of the K-hop genre, a term that represents Korean hip hop and R&B, will perform for the only time, in addition to organizing a fanmeeting thanks to the production of Uri Music Entertainment.

DPR in Peru, ticket price:

– VIP court + group photo + Q&A: S/ 690

– VIP Court: S/ 411

– General 1: S / 243

– General 2: S / 159

Pre-sale of tickets for the concert in Lima begins this Thursday, May 26, starting at noon on the Joinnus website.

In this 2022 the concerts of Korean artists have been confirmed in our region. This maintains the expectation of the next announcements that are made in Peru. To be informed of the latest news, we recommend you follow the k pop section so you know all the details.

Kard concert 2022

– Tour in Chile: July 27 at the Caupolicán Theater (Santiago)

– Tour in Mexico: July 31 at the BB Auditorium (Mexico City)

MCND concert 2022

– Tour in Mexico: June 7.

– Tour in Brazil: from August 12 to 17.


In the month of April the alarms were activated before a possible BTS concert in Peru. A well-known telephone brand was responsible for making an announcement that aroused the curiosity of the ARMY.

With the temporary break that Bangtan announced, it is expected that alone or as a group they can enable dates to present themselves in Latin America.

Let us remember that there is a history of J-Hope in Lollapaloozawho became the Korean artist who surpassed all expectations of the organization.

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