Julio Coyote Rivera breaks his silence after being caught with a woman who is not his wife: “I went out with two friends”

Julio Coyote Rivera speaks out after being caught with another woman who is not his wife.  (Photo: Composition)
Julio Coyote Rivera speaks out after being caught with another woman who is not his wife. (Photo: Composition)

Magaly Medina returned once more with a new ampay, this time he exposed Julio Coyote Riverawhom he is seen with a woman who is not his wife. Given this, Amor y Fuego contacted the former soccer player, who decided to break his silence and spoke about this situation.

In conversation with a reporter from the program Rodrigo Gonzalez Y Gigi Miter, Coyote Rivera points out that he attended karaoke because he likes to sing. Also, he accepts that she did it with two friends.

“I really went to karaoke, I can’t drink, because I have an oncological process. I went out because I like to sing, with two friends, it’s true,” the historic footballer is heard saying.

However, that is not all, because the production also interviewed a woman who claims that she has dated him, but stopped doing so because she was not loyal to the relationship.

“She has had a relationship with him. Yes, unfortunately, a little over a year, “said the woman, who assured that she does not see him do three weeks. .”I haven’t seen Julio for 3 weeks, because of a dog. No?”said.

In addition, he referred to the ampay that the footballer starred in. “And now I don’t know how long he has been going out with this little woman, with me and at the same time he has been with his wife,” Indian.

It should be noted that the wife of Coyote Rivera She has not published any photos with the father of her children since 2021. However, the couple has not made any official separation or breakup between them.

The former soccer player was in the news this past Monday, August 1, after being supported by a woman who is not his wife. Julio Coyote Rivera accepted that he did go out with two women.

Magaly Medina he returned from vacation with his famous ampays. In the last edition of the program Magaly TV La Firme revealed images of a meeting of the former player of the U, Julio ‘Coyote’ Rivera, with a mysterious woman.

The eldest son of “Doña Peta” was very affectionate with the young woman in a well-known Miraflores karaokewhere they danced and kissed passionately, apparently not caring about being in a public place.

“It was a karaoke, very cool. It should be suitable for cheaters”commented the ATV journalistwho also indicated that the couple was so excited about their meeting that they took over the dance floor.

The date of the ampay is July 23, for which it was questionable for Magaly Medina that the “Coyote” Rivera spends a “night” life with a woman other than his wife, Lorena Cárdenas. “They recently went out together, they were at the mother-in-law’s birthday”added the driver.

“As far as we knew, he had an almost perfect marriage, a very united family”added the “Urraca” when sharing with viewers the compromising images of Paolo Guerrero’s older brother.

During the note presented on the ATV program, they indicated that the former soccer player would have realized that they were recording him, but the “special moment” he lived had more power, and he continued with his dances and caresses.

Julio ‘Coyote’ Rivera is protected dancing and kissing a woman who is not his wife. (VIDEO: ATV)


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