Juan Cominges approves that Juan Reynoso assumes the Peruvian team for his “high level of competitiveness”

Juan Reynoso received good comments from Juan Cominges.
Juan Reynoso received good comments from Juan Cominges.

In the last few days it became known that John Reynoso reached an agreement with the Peruvian Football Federation and will assume the position of DT of the ‘bicolor’. From that news, many connoisseurs of national football came out to give it the go-ahead, including John Comminges. The former player was part of the technical command of “everyone’s team” and had very good comments about “Cabezón”.

“Juan Reynoso is a highly capable coach and if he is given the opportunity to lead the Peruvian National Team, I have no doubt that he will be up to that responsibility,” was the first thing ‘Juanchi’ communicated with RPP.

Juan Reynoso has a very high level of competitiveness. He has had to win great things as a footballer and as a coach, he has always planned his career well. His order is a trait as a leader, ”added the former soccer player.

“He is the son of Peruvian soccer. He has even had to experience the greatest tragedy that Peruvian sport had, such as the Fokker. Of course he can adapt to the reality of Peruvian soccer, he knows it”, he expressed.

Secondly, John Comminges He announced that he is no longer part of the FPF since the defeat against Australia in the playoffs on the way to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but that he would have no problem “working with another coaching staff.” Likewise, he affirmed that he has not had communication with Juan Reynoso.

FACT: ‘Juanchi’ Cominges worked in the psychology area of ​​the Peruvian national team together with Giacomo Scerpella. The former soccer player accompanied the national delegation for a period of three years.

Juan Cominges was part of Ricardo Gareca's technical command.
Juan Cominges was part of Ricardo Gareca’s technical command.

What Juan Cominges said about Juan Reynoso is not far from reality. The ‘Cabezón’, in a large percentage of the clubs where he directed, competed and above all won titles. He is the active national strategist with the most trophies, despite having few years as DT compared to others. He was champion with Universitario de Deportes and Melgar in the Peruvian tournament. He also achieved it in his passage through Cruz Azul de México.


alex valera joined the list of Peruvians who will play in Arab football this season. University of Sports reached an agreement with Al Fateh and the striker will share a dressing room with his compatriot christian cave. Juan Cominges was consulted by the ‘nine’ and this is what he replied.

“Alex Valera has all the ability to adapt to Arab football and score many goals there. He is going to grow professionally ”, he stated in the first instance. Later he spoke about the mistake of the former ‘U’ player in the penalty shootout with Australia. “I hope he understands that what happened to him is part of the sport. That should motivate him to do more important things, what he went through cannot affect his day to day.”

Valera fails penalty in Peru vs Australia. Video: TNT Sports Chile


Juan Cominges took advantage of the interview with the radio medium to thank him for the opportunity to be part of the ‘bicolor’. “I feel a lot of gratitude for everything I experienced in the Peruvian team and meeting very good human beings.”

Likewise, the sports psychologist spoke about sharing with Ricardo Gareca in these last years. “My relationship with him has been one of great affection and appreciation. Those ties are hard to break, just like with the rest of the coaching staff.”


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