Javier Lozano ironically about Morena’s elections: “Here you have the democratic party of that sect”

Javier Lozano laughing
Javier Lozano attacked Morena and Mario Delgado (Photo: Ig/@jlozanoa)

The former senator of the Republic (2012-2018) for the National Action Party (PAN), Javier Lozano Alarcón, again attacked the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) after elections were held last weekend for the renewal of the National Congress of said party.

It was through his verified Twitter account that the panista shared a video which showed some of the Incidents that occurred during election day inside the icingabout which an invitation was heard from the current national leader of Morena, Mario Slim Carrillo to participate in the elections that he called “a great democratic party in our movement”.

In this way, who was Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) during the administration of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa ironized with a comment about what happened. “Here they have the democratic party of that sect called Morena”.

For his part, Lozano took the opportunity to similarly crush Delgado Carrillo, whom branded as corrupt and hypocritical. “A real shithole in the hands of a corrupt, hypocritical and traitor“, wrote.

And it is that the national president of Morena and federal deputy, after the closing of the elections, said that he was very grateful to the people of the movement for their participation in the process, which he classified as “a complete success.”

“We had full seats across the country this weekend. To be an internal process of a party, the fact that they have participated more than 2.5 million peopleyes, it means that the town is involved in @PartidoMorenaMx; that the movement is alive among the people,” he shared on Twitter.

AMLO, López Obrador, Morena elections August 1, 2022 AMLO, López Obrador, Morena, elections
During the internal election day in Morena there were multiple incidents (Photos: Cuartoscuro/ Andrea Murcia, Twitter/ @rodrigo_dector, Twitter/ @chemikal_cat)

Likewise, he took the opportunity to attack the PAN and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI): We would like to see which political party could organize an internal process of this size and, furthermore, with such an extraordinary response from the people. On the other hand, for example, the PAN and the PRI are suffering for gathering the number of affiliates required by law”.

The reason for this was that on July 30 and 31, Morena called for elections in the 300 electoral districts of the country in order to renew the highest authority of the party, which is made up of 300 people; 200 councilors elected within the Ordinary Council, and the other 100 corresponding to the 32 Presidents, General Secretaries and Secretaries of Organization of the State Committees of Morena, as well as by the President, the Secretary General and the Secretary of Organization at the federal level.

On that day, they presented multiple physical confrontations between the militancy, robbery and burning of ballot boxes as well as various arrests, among whom a local deputy from Veracruz stood out. In this way, an election full of violence was reported, resulting in challenges before the Federal Electoral Tribunal, as well as accusations of carrying and manipulation of lists among the morenistas themselves.

Mario Delgado applauded the participation in the internal election process in Morena (Photo: Mario Delgado)

Thus, Lozano Alarcon took the opportunity to criticize the party that led Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the presidency (AMLO) in 2018, because in another comment through the same social network he described the internal fight as a “historical madriza”.

“The madriza they gave each other is historic. Thank you for letting us see, naked, who and how they are.

In addition, through the program that he shares with Carlos Alazraki on the youtube channel Atypical TVcalled Morena “a sect of fanatics, of self-employed, ignorant, clumsy, thieves, clerics, criminals.”


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