“I lost the keys to the shed”: the details of how they found the body of González Catán’s nurse

Elizabeth di Legge was 47 years old.
Elizabeth di Legge was 47 years old.

The security cameras were the key to finding the body, the specialized tracking dogs that marked the place. The door was locked and they must have broken it. When they entered, she was sitting inside the shed at the back of her González Catán property, where she lived with her three children aged 20, 16 and 11 and her husband, Silvio Espindola. Elizabeth di Legge, the 47-year-old nurse who had been wanted since last Saturday, no longer had vital signs.

According to sources of the case confided to Infobaethe first thing the researchers saw was that “I had an IV placed in my left arm”. And they added: “There was also a serum hanging from some irons and several bottles of a strong drug that is used as a sedative in intensive care, which could be Propofol”.

Preventively, her husband was delayed.

The cause for the nurse quest took a turn in the last few hoursas soon as the prosecutor of the Matías Folino case, from the UFI No. 3 of La Matanza, observed the result of the survey of the security cameras after Espíndola denounced the disappearance of his wife last Saturday.

Although the woman disappeared on Friday, the husband became suspicious on Saturday, since both are nurses at the Churruca hospital and she was supposed to be on duty on Friday. Therefore, the complaint was made around noon. “She often stayed in the hospital to sleep, taking into account the distance between home and work. For this reason, the couple said, it took time to file a complaint.explained the sources consulted by this means.

Once the husband filed the complaint, the Police and the prosecutor began to work with the security cameras of the Belgrano branch train station. “Nothing seen”They said and specified that they even looked for SUBE movements, homebanking, among others.

“From there, other security cameras began to be seen, until one registered the marriage entering the two together on Thursday night. But she didn’t record the woman leaving”, they revealed. It was then that they appealed to the canine body tracking division at the nurse’s house, where she lives with her husband and the couple’s three children.

“YOImmediately, the dogs went to the patio and began to bark at the door of the shed. The Police asked Espíndola for the key, and he replied: ‘I don’t have the key, I lost it’. Given this, the man was asked if the door could be broken, to which he agreed.”, they described.

When they entered they found the body of the wanted nurse. The scene was detailed: “The woman was seated and with a cannula placed in her right arm. In the left one he had another one that he tried to place, but without luck. There was also a serum hanging from some irons. In addition, several bottles of a strong drug that is used as a sedative in intensive care, which could be Propofol”.

What is certain is that the medical examiner who examined the corpse “found that there were no bodily injuries, but the position of the cannula that was injected caught his attention: it was placed from the outside inwards”. Sources said that it is a “strange way for someone who tries to commit suicide”although the doctor clarified that “The victim had experience in this type of placement, therefore, he could have put it on that way”.

Before the appearance of the body, the doubt was raised about whether was it a suicide or a homicide. Therefore, preventively Prosecutor Folino decided to apprehend the husband, mostly because of the evidence against him. Especially for having reported a disappearance, considering that the victim was in the back of the house. Also for the position of the cannula and its response on the key: “It is strange that he told us that he had lost it”explained one researcher.

In this context, the Justice has a report of July 21, 2022 in which it is verified that suffered various types of violence at home and even went to ask for help. and there is also a 2019 complaint in a Family Court that is paralyzed and different interventions of the Women’s assistance area of ​​the municipality of La Matanza were recorded. But there are also testimonials. The nurse’s friends assured that the woman had suffered psychological violence for a long time.


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