Héctor Acuña requests that Congressman Wilmar Elera be taken to the Ethics Commission for his statements in the Freddy Díaz case


congressman Héctor Acuña (Integrity and Development) requested that his colleague Wilmar Elera (We are Peru) be taken to the Parliamentary Ethics Commission for his controversial statements about the complaint for alleged rape against Freddy Diaz, who just yesterday appeared before the Public Ministry to answer for the serious accusation made by a Parliament worker.

“(It is) reprehensible the way in which it has been expressed. I think it was a grotesque mess. Of course, I consider that at his age and the profession he has to make those mistakes is serious, ” told Canal N. “[¿Qué debería hacer la nueva Mesa Directiva?] I think the Ethics Commission should call it, which should take action on the matter”, he added.

Last Sunday, Wilmar Elera insinuated that the Parliament employee, who accused legislator Freddy Díaz of rape, had been responsible because she drank alcohol and worked among men.“I think the lady is the only woman who works in the all-male space, which has created a much more conducive environment, especially when they start drinking liquor,” he said in an interview with TV Peru.

The member of Somos Perú stated that the entry of liquor should be prohibited to any office of Parliament and, in that sense, he will coordinate with the head of Congress, Lady Camonesfor there to be a “provision to prevent parliamentarians from celebrating inside the offices.”

Journalist Julio Navarro, who was interviewing him, replied that it was forbidden, in any public entity, to bring alcohol or smoke into public spaces.“I think it should have been applied, but to some it escapes; Some parliamentarians believe that his work area are areas where they can have fun and, in this case, Congressman Díaz exceeded his functions ”, said.


Following Wilmar Elera’s statements, a wave of criticism was leveled against the parliamentarian of Somos Perú. The Board of Directors of Congress, the Ombudsman’s Office and the Ministry of Women.

“The Congress of the Republic rejects any type of violence against women that violates their dignity. For this reason, we regret the expressions of our third vice president of the Board of Directors made in the media and we urge him to publicly apologize to the country, regarding the statements regarding the case of Congressman Freddy Díaz Monago”points out the Parliament.

“We condemn the unfortunate statements made by the third vice president of Congress”reads in a publication of The Minister for Women, Diana Miloslavich, On twitter. “Nothing justifies rape. It is never the victim’s fault.” he added.

The minister stressed that the institution continues “Attending to the Congressional worker sexually assaulted by Congressman Díaz Monago.” It is known that the complainant not only went to the National Police of Peru (PNP), but also to the Ministry of Women looking for help after waking up in the parliamentarian’s office and feeling sick in his body.

“We urge @FiscaliaPeru request to @Power of attorney_ the preliminary arrest of Congressman Freddy Díaz, denounced for rape, who has not come to testify despite announcing it. It is essential to avoid escape, obstruction of evidence and guarantee access to justice”reads a publication of the Ombudsman’s Office.


Due to the controversy, the third vice-president of the Parliament had to apologize publicly. “I regret that my statements expressed in a media outlet have been misunderstood and I apologize publicly for this. I will always be against abuse and violence against women. What happened with the Parliament worker and that involves the congressman Freddy Diaz It must be clarified and sanctioned as soon as possible”, issued in a statement on Twitter.

Congressman from We are Peru confirmed that he is against all kinds of violence against women and apologized to his family, to Peruvian women, and to all Peruvians. “I express all my solidarity with the victim of this aggression and that the full weight of the law falls on the guilty”, he added.

In a conversation with Trade, Wilmar Elera He said he won’t give up Board of Directorsdespite the statements he issued on the state channel about the case of violation of Freddy Diazfrom whom the Public Ministry has requested an impediment to leave the country.

“That has nothing to do with my expressions, I am already apologizing for the case, It is not appropriate to give more padding to these statements that have been given (by the media) out of contextI am showing my face and I sympathize with the victims”, manifested.


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