Gustavo Adolfo Infante accused campaign against him and presented audios of Alfredo Adame

The dispute between Gustavo Adolfo Infante Y Alfredo Adame seems to have no end, because as announced in advance, the entertainment journalist addressed the accusations to which he has been subjected by the actor and driver.

It was on your show First hand where Infante took a moment to clarify the alleged complaints that, according to an anonymous text behind which Adame would beaccused him of various crimes, including harassment and sexual abuse, and pederasty.

Gustavo assured that he took on the task of investigating the records of the corresponding Prosecutor’s Offices to find out if the investigation folders actually exist marked on the portal uncensored journalistswhere strong remarks are made to the reporter of Image Televisionwho assured that “he did not find anything” other than the complaints that he previously filed the actress Gabriela Spanicin addition to one in which he was accused of fraud in Veracruz, in the year 2016, which did not proceed due to lack of evidence.

Gustavo Adolfo - Adame
The lawsuit between Gustavo and Alfredo has reached the courts; the communicator sued Adame for moral damages (Photo: Fb/Gustavo Adolfo Infante TV Ig/@adamereacciona)

“There is not a single crime that I have committed. The 21 investigation folders that were against me, that Mr. Alfredo Adame invents”, mentioned the reporter, who assured that when faced with a complaint, he goes to the authorities on his own feet to show his face.

Infante pointed frontally at the former soap opera heartthrob attempt to orchestrate a smear campaign against youand as proof, he transmitted an audio where Adame is allegedly heard in a telephone conversation where he explains that His plan is to filter some images, of which he did not specify what type, to said portal, to be replicated in other media.

It should be noted that Adame mentions that the website in question is owned by a friend of his, who also claims to be a journalist.

Days ago, Gustavo Adolfo Infante asked for help from the CDMX FGJ to investigate Alfredo Adame (Photos: Instagram/@fainfante/@adamereacciona)
Days ago, Gustavo Adolfo Infante asked for help from the CDMX FGJ to investigate Alfredo Adame (Photos: Instagram/@fainfante/@adamereacciona)

“So this is guaranteed the shot, that they are going to be published in the fucking media without the intercession of those of TVNotes Y TV and novels and those mamad * s that protect him, that’s not going to happen brother. They began to break it in that portal, they called me and I told them more things and gave them the number of files of criminal complaints for rape, sexual harassment, child abuse and now another 6 more jumped ”, the also aspiring politician is heard saying in the clip broadcast on the air.

After that, Gustavo reiterated that he has not committed any crime of which he is allegedly accused on the web portal.

Alfredo Adame and Gustavo Adolfo Infante
In the audio presented, you can hear how Adame allegedly has an elaborate plan to discredit Gustavo (Photos: Infobae Archive // ​​[email protected])

“There is not even an investigation folder against me, much less for that crime, never in my life have I raped a man, a woman, a minor or anyone, nor absolutely anyone, are problems of the mind of this man. You clearly hear that the one who has orchestrated each and every one of these, against Origel, against the Rey grupero, against Laura Bozzo, and now against this server, is called Alfredo Adame, “he stressed.

In addition, the also holder of The minute that changed my destiny He sent a message to the media that replicated the information spread by the website. “I also request people who, through their YouTube channels and others, made and they dedicated entire programs to destroying me, that they have a little bit of professionalism and ethics, and pass this on (the Adame audios), we give them to them”

Remember that a few days ago Alfredo Adame appeared before a judge for the complaint that the journalist filed against him por alleged media and gender violence after the strong comments he made about his mother.


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