“Everything goes wrong”: Sandra Cuevas threw Claudia Sheinbaum for alleged montage

Sandra Cuevas assured that Sheinbaum "everything goes wrong"after the alleged montage was revealed (Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_/Government of Mexico City)
Sandra Cuevas assured that Sheinbaum “everything goes wrong”, after the alleged montage was revealed (Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_/Government of Mexico City)

The Mayor’s Office Cuauhtemoc in Mexico City (CDMX), Sandra Cuevasonce again lashed out at claudia sheinbaum, head of government. On this occasion the acid comment was due to the militant of the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) would have uploaded to social networks a mounted video in which a driver congratulates her for his work.

It was last July 28 that Sheinbaum boasted the support you have in the State of Mexico (Mexico). Through her Twitter account, she shared the moment in which she met an inhabitant of Nezahualcoyotlwho assured him that there has been no change as big as the one that the CDMX since she is in charge of the government.

Sheinbaum showed off the support he has in Edomex through a video that would have been staged (Video: Twitter @Claudiashein)

Since the supporter of the Fourth Transformation (4T) shared the video, hundreds of users criticized her because they considered that the recording was planned. The suspicions of Internet users grew this August 2, when social networks circulated photos of the head of government with the man in the videofor which it was rumored that the meeting between the two was not a coincidence.

looking at the photos, caves he simply said on Twitter: “Everything goes wrong”. His brief statement was in response to a post by a member of the National Action Party (BREAD), Jorge Trianawho shocked Sheinbaum by assuring that “It was all a vulgar montage”.

“A few days ago, @Claudiashein showed us a video where a motorist congratulates her ‘spontaneously’ for her great work in CDMX. The driver turned out to be Gerardo Gómez, a dark-haired militant who has known the manager for some time. It was all a vulgar montage”, expressed the panista in a tweet.

Jorge Train exposed Sheinbaum's alleged montage (Photo: Twitter/@JTrianaT)
Jorge Train exposed Sheinbaum’s alleged montage (Photo: Twitter/@JTrianaT)

The blue and white politician accompanied his post with several screenshots, in one of which you can see the profile of Gerardo Gomezwhere the cover image is a photo in which he appears wearing a T-shirt with the Morena logo and posing next to the brunette Juan Hugo de la Rosa, current municipal president of Neza.

Likewise, in a second capture shared by Triana, a Photo on June 10 in which the motorist who congratulated Sheinbaum at the end of that month appears next to her. The snapshot was shared by Gómez on social networks, where he wrote: “The change will continue with a great woman”.

It was under this tenor that the controversial mayor of Cuauhtémoc mocked the montage. Her response generated divided opinions, as some took it with humor and others took advantage of it to criticize her.

Users assured that Sandra Cuevas also "everything goes wrong" (Photos: Cuartoscuro)
Users assured that Sandra Cuevas also “everything goes wrong” (Photos: Cuartoscuro)

Among the comments with which users responded to Cuevas are some like “He goes wrong until the simulation”, “Claudia and Sandra are a joke for the women of CDMX” or “Just like you and your gratuitous scandals”. With this last comment, her author made reference to the stir that the mayor has caused due to different situations in which she has been involved.

The last time Sandra Cuevas generated controversy was when in July it circulated in a truck without license plates. Despite the fact that he assured that the vehicle was not his but that of a neighbor who lent it to him, the Attorney General of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) opened a investigation of the fact.

After the FGJCDMX announced the measure, Cuevas assured that it was part of a political persecution undertaken by Sheinbaum. It should be remembered that he has also previously blamed her for the disqualification filed by him Court of Administrative Justice (TJA), to which he filed an appeal.


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