Bogotá kicked off the XVII Ibero-American Theater Festival

The fourth locality of San Cristóbal began its participation in the XVll Ibero-American Theater Festival Photo: Via Twitter @ALSanCristobal
The fourth locality of San Cristóbal began its participation in the XVll Ibero-American Theater Festival Photo: Via Twitter @ALSanCristobal

August started off great art, theater and culture. On this occasion, six locations in the capital of Colombia will be responsible for carrying out a series of activities that will expose all the magic that exists in the theater and the different artistic expressions in the coming days.

The inhabitants of the towns of San Cristóbal, Bosa, Ciudad Bolívar, Fontibón, Puente Aranda and Suba They were the first participants in the XVll Ibero-American Theater Festival. Last Sunday, July 31, the streets of the city were decorated with caravans full of folklore, music and color.

With approximately 205 cultural expressions, divided into: dance, music, theater, circus, among others, the district, in the company of the local development fund and the Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports (SCRD) they contributed $1,573 million, with which they seek to continue on track for an economic reactivation that positively affects this cultural and social sector.

The district’s strategy is to generate growth and momentum to the different markets and businesses that will accompany the day to day of the exhibitions and functions of the wide variety of themes and cultural expressions that will take place during the weeks.

The mayors of the six locations selected for the cultural-theatrical exhibition, through district social networks, they seek to generate positive participation on the part of the inhabitants and the different sectors and neighborhoods that make up each of these.

Juan Carlos Triana, local mayor of San Cristobal South, has been very active in his social networks and primarily, in those of the mayor’s office, to generate a participatory call throughout the town. Through Twitter, the mayor announced the dates of artistic participation.

“The Ibero-American Theater Festival arrives in San Cristóbal, from August 31 to 15, we will be throughout our town of San Cristóbal. Seven stages, forty-nine performances, completely free for our entire population”

Juan Carlos Triana, local mayor of San Cristóbal Sur, announced the dates of participation by the town. Video: via Twitter @ALSanCristobal

On the other hand, Hamid Martínez, manager of Territorial Culture, added the importance of the staging for the towns, in this case, for the town of San Cristóbal.

“It opens culture to the locality and gives our inhabitants happiness and other spaces to enjoy with the family and above all to stick much more to the local culture,” added Hamid.

The importance of these stages and programs is that they help the different actors and participants in artistic diversity grow, the contact with the exhibitors and the population that attends help to generate greater contact, as Dayana Malaca Furillo, artist and dancer, made it clear. .

“Incredible, we already needed it, a year ago it was not done. So it is also important for artists these spaces and sharing in the streets, which have always been our stages, “said the artist.

Over the next twenty days, Bogotans will have the opportunity to be spectators of 95 plays or stagings, which were chosen through a local call, in which about 132 proposals participated.

This stage will have the participation of gastronomic, craft, and illustrative enterprises, among others. It is a fair model, which will also feature the intervention of expressions in the open air.

The inhabitants who pass through these points will be able to enjoy the staging of soloists, duos and trios that will adopt the platforms to captivate the public and expose their various scenic and theatrical proposals.

The magic of the circus will take over various spaces in the city, with a classic aesthetic of a circus tent with stalls and stands, the circus people will emulate and build passages, ancestral, traditional and contemporary environments in which the circus, music, poetry , and the dances will be its main protagonists.

For more information and schedules of the different functions you can access the page:


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