Darío Barassi shared a tender photograph of his wife Lucía in the final stage of her pregnancy

Dario Barassi and Lucia Gomez Centurion
Dario Barassi and Lucia Gomez Centurion

Lucia Gomez Centurion is pregnant with her second daughter, the fruit of her relationship with Darius Barassi. The woman of the host of the program 100 Argentines say (El Trece) averages the eighth month and there is great expectation for his arrival in the family

“They”, Barassi wrote on his Instagram account by posting a tender photo of his wife in the sweet wait. “Relaxed Sunday, walking barefoot and eating delicious food. I love you @luligomezcenturion”, added the also actor in the social network. Quickly, more than 70 thousand likes and many loving comments from celebrities, such as Veronica Llinas and Chris Petersen.

It should be remembered that last May, Angel of Brito announced an enigmatic THE M (America) and anticipated that it was a advanced pregnancy. After giving some clues, he revealed that he was referring to Dario Barassi confirmed that his wife I was in the sweet wait of a new member of the family and also confessed that they already knew the sex of the baby on the way.

The actor usually shares tender videos with his firstborn, Emilynicknamed the pipi for the actor, who turned three years old in June, and now he is overcome with emotion because he will enjoy fatherhood again. After the journalist put an end to the mystery, Barassi sent a WhatsApp audio to De Brito to reaffirm the happy news: “Angel, here is a Barassi with a very flowery shirt, with open buttons and a ginger tea in his hand , I wanted to confirm that yes, baby, we are pregnant”.

“It’s funny to say ‘we’, but the one who carries everything is my wife, poor thing, but even with this body I’m also pregnant with quintuplets,” he joked, true to his style. And he added: “We are crazy, happy, the truth is that a piece of news that surprised us a bitbecause we had the idea of ​​going for another creature, but this time it happened quite quickly, because three months have passed since we decided and the positive test appeared, so we are very happy”. In this sense, he commented that his wife had already had routine ultrasounds and celebrated starting to dream of the baby’s arrival: “Luli is carrying the perfect pregnancy, everything is great.”

Barassi with his wife and daughter
Barassi with his wife and daughter

“The truth is that we are very happy, We already told Pipi, that at times she is very happy and at others not so much, but here we go”, He was honest about his daughter’s reaction when he learned that in a few months she will become an older sister. “I wanted you to have the scoop on you, because you had a lot of people skills and a lot of professionalism, you found out very early and both you and my friend Pía Shaw, both of you wrote to me and I asked them to please bank me because I am very cautious and very shitty. I am very fearful, if it were up to me I would tell it with the creature’s head sticking out “he acknowledged.

Finally, De Brito also revealed the sex of the baby on the way: “He is going to have another girl, the name is still not defined, but there is one who is winning the arm wrestling”. It should be remembered that the driver and his partner met in the province of San Juan at the age of 13, and moved to Buenos Aires at the same time. In addition to growing up together, they had a long friendship until they gave each other a chance at love and today they enjoy the beautiful family they built.


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