Camila Homs’ father broke the silence: “Rodrigo De Paul has to stop screwing around and think about the World Cup”

Camila Homs’ father broke the silence (Video: “Intruders”, America)

few expected that Rodrigo DePaul grant an interview to talk about much more than football, and especially about his controversial divorce from Camila Homs and your current relationship with Tini Stoessel. And it happened at the end of last week, in America. And this Monday, also on the Palermo channel, another interview took place – this time by telephone, the other by zoom– that no one believed possible: who spoke was Horatio HomsCamila’s father, in dialogue with intruders.

“No parent likes to see a child suffer, that’s the reality, but these are things that happen and I have no doubt that Camila will get ahead,” Homs began by expressing. And he continued, about the player’s last words: “I was surprised, but you have to understand him too. Rodrigo is a very good boy, he is alone in Europe and he had many emotions together. I think you also have to put yourself in his place: he had the National Team, fame, a good economic position… It was a lot of things all of a sudden and I think it overwhelmed him too much”. And he was honest: “I did not understand the note, but each one does what he wants and it seems better to him.”

Don Horacio flatly ruled out a version that has been circulating for weeks, and that the president of the AFA, Chiqui Tapia: that the separation with Camila, which these days is settled in Justice, prevents him from traveling to Qatar. “Rodrigo has to stop screwing around and think about the World Cup. He has to lower the exposure of him”graphed the ex-father-in-law of the buddy of Leo Messi on the Argentine National Team, even letting out a certain soccer essence. And he clarified: “Neither I nor Camila would think of filing a lawsuit or a criminal complaint to keep him out of that contest that is so important to him. He is going to play the World Cup and he is going to break it, as he has been doing so far ”.

He also addressed rumors indicating an overlap in dates between the start of De Paul’s courtship with the singer and his relationship with his daughter. “I’m not going to talk about that, my daughter has to say that. I don’t know about dates and I never asked Camila, I didn’t talk about that issue with her. I don’t like to get into things that are bad for her.” But she added: “Until January I thought everything was fine, I didn’t think the matter was so serious (…) I was surprised that he rebuilt his life so quickly, but everyone does things as they see fit”.

Rodrigo DePaul, Tini Stoessel and Camila Homs
Rodrigo DePaul, Tini Stoessel and Camila Homs

In that sense, he expressed himself about the bad moment that Camila went through. “It is a separation, she has two small children and I was very much in love with Rodrigo. It was a terrible blow for her when Rodrigo made the decision to separate”. “I don’t know if she is disappointed, I know that the boys love each other very much and now they have resumed a cordial dialogue. She was always harmonic for the children they have in common. I know that they are agreeing and there is no danger that he will not play the World Cup, ”she stressed about the current relationship of the now ex-partner. On the other hand, he was also consulted about her daughter’s new romance with Charly Benvenuto. “I think he is fine with this person, it is what you see. I saw him twice and he seems correct and a good person, I hope I’m not wrong”.

In another line, he spoke about the rumors that circulated last year about an alleged affair between De Paul and Eugenia La China Suarez. “I spoke with him and he swore to me that it was a lie, I believed it and I still believe it that nothing happened.”

In addition, he was asked about his statements in relation to his son-in-law (he had declared that he was “a good boy, but a hair…” “I confirm it,” he said between laughs, and expressed: “I did not say it maliciously, but like a father can say to a son, ´che, pe…´ He is young and his emotions are overflowing.He didn’t deserve so much criticism either, because many things were said that weren’t real, like that he didn’t spend money on Camila”.

“Camila is fine and solving the problems with Rodrigo, that is the main thing. Many things were said, many inventions. Rodrigo is not an ogre, he takes care of all the expenses. He is present and is an excellent father (…) The only thing Camila is doing is ensuring the future of her children, “she closed.


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