A presenter faints in the middle of the debate between the candidates to succeed Boris Johnson

A presenter faints in the middle of the debate between the candidates to succeed Boris Johnson

The presenter’s fainting abruptly ended this Tuesday the second debate between the candidates to succeed Boris Johnson as head of the British Government and the Conservative Party, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

The face to face, organized by the newspaper “The Sun” and the new channel “TalkTV”, was being as heated as the rest of the clashes between the Conservative leadership hopefulswhen an unexpected event forced to settle the duel.

A crash followed by a “Oh my God!” who let out Trusswho was being focused by the camera, alerted the viewers of the broadcast.

Truss was immediately seen approaching the moderator, “TalkTV” Policy Officer Kate McCann, looking shocked. moment when the live broadcast was cut off. After several minutes of anxiety, a spokesman for News UK – a group to which “The Sun” belongs – reported that “a medical problem” had been recorded in the study.

Finally, about three-quarters of an hour later, “TalkTV” reported that McCann had suffered a blackout and the debate would not resume..

“McCann fainted live and although he is fine, the medical advice is that we should not continue with the debate”, said the channel in a statement, in which he apologized to the audience. He also underlined that it was not a security incident and that the candidates were well.

Half an hour of debate with very distant positions

Until that moment, a little more than half an hour of confrontation had elapsed, in which Sunak and Truss returned to clash openly over his plans for the British economy.

The former Economy Minister again accused, as he has done throughout the campaign, his rival of claim an “immoral” tax cut. “What is morally wrong is asking our children and our grandchildren to foot our bill. Liz (Truss) wants to lower taxes on big business and I don’t think that’s fair,” Sunak said.

For her part, the Foreign Minister, who is far ahead in the polls carried out among the members of the Conservative Party – who are the ones who must vote to elect their new leader, who will automatically become Prime Minister – reiterated that Sunak’s plans will make the country “less competitive.”

“If we enter a recession, we will receive less in taxes. And the forecast is that we will go into a recession, we have the lowest growth of the G7 countriesTruss criticized.

Militant “Tories” will begin voting in August for Johnson’s successor, whose name will be announced on September 5.

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