An adviser to Viktor Orban resigns after a “pure Nazi speech”

An adviser to Viktor Orban resigns after a “pure Nazi speech”

A longtime adviser to Viktor Orbán resigned in protest over “a pure Nazi speech” delivered by the Hungarian prime minister which, in the adviser’s words, was “worthy of Goebbels”.

Zsuzsa Hegedüs, one of Orbán’s oldest advisers, had been with the prime minister since 2002 and highlights the cordiality with the prime minister. However, in his resignation letter, published by the Hungarian media outlet, He says he has grown increasingly uncomfortable with Orbán’s “illiberal turn” in recent years.

Orbán has made anti-immigration rhetoric a key part of his political platform since 2015, frequently using far-right language, but his speech on Saturday, in which he spoke against “race mixing”, it was extreme even for those close to him, as in the case of Hegedüs.

Orbán assured in his plea that the mixture between Europeans was acceptable, but the mixture of Europeans with non-Europeans created people of “mixed race”. “We are willing to mix, but we do not want to become mestizo peoples,” Orbán said, adding the countries where this was considered acceptable “are no longer nations.”

Hegedüs explains that he had long defended the prime minister from accusations of anti-Semitism, but believes his latest speech is indefensible. “I sincerely regret that such an embarrassing stance forced me to break off our relationship”He has written.

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