Russia resumes gas supplies to Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline

Russia resumes gas supplies to Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline

Russia has resumed the supply of gas to Europe through the Nord Stream gas pipeline after ten days of stoppage for annual maintenance work, according to flow data provided by the infrastructure operator.

The physical flow of the fuel started between 06.00 and 07.00 Moscow time (03.00 and 04.00 GMT, respectively), according to the data offered by the operator.

The amount of gas that began to arrive is approximately 30% of the maximum capacity of the pipeline, he added on Twitter. Klaus Muller, President of the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur). Supply data from Nord Stream indicates that the gas began to flow from 06:00 local time (04:00 GMT).

Müller specified that the percentage of gas forecast for today through Nord Stream 1 is about 530 GWh/d, which is equivalent to approximately 30% of the capacity of the gas pipeline, which directly links Russia with Europe and enters Germany through the Baltic coast of this country.

The head of the German agency added that the forecast amount of supply “is binding for the next 2 hours, changes during the day would be highly unusual”.

Concern that the stoppage was prolonged

the pipeline interrupted its gas supply to Germany on July 10 to carry out regular maintenance tasks, although the German authorities have expressed concern in recent days about whether the technical stoppage would be prolonged.

The German government reported this Wednesday that it has managed to reduce its dependence on gas from Russia from the 55% it had in February to the current 26%, as a result of efforts to reduce these imports and the suspension of supplies through Nord Stream.

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