Russia and Ukraine agree to resume grain exports

Russia and Ukraine agree to resume grain exports

Russia Y Ukraine have signed this Friday an agreement for the resumption of grain exports from Ukrainian ports. staff of the UN Y Turkey will supervise from the ports of Odessa, Chernomosk Y Pivdenyy to ensure security in the areas protected by the agreement.

The ships will cross the Black Sea to him bosphorus strait (Turkey), where a joint coordination center will be established with representatives of the UN, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, who will also supervise that ships entering Ukraine do not carry weapons or combat material. Russia and Ukraine have agreed not to attack ships and ports involved in these exports.

This large-scale operation involves the resumption in the short term of exports of five million tons of cereals, preparations for which could last a month before it starts to work at full capacity.

Ukraine has not recognized Russia as an interlocutor and has affixed its signature to the agreement only alongside those of Turkey and the UN. In addition, it has been reported that will not allow the presence of Russian ship escorts and representatives in its ports. The hope that Ukraine can resume its exports to pre-conflict levels is still a long way off.

Satisfaction in the international community

The international community has celebrated the agreement as the first major pact reached between both combatants since the beginning of the conflict. The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Gutereshas described this event as “an unprecedented agreement”, although he has warned that “the conflict continues and people die every day”.

Guteres has been satisfied with an agreement that is a “beacon of hope” that “is shining thanks to the collective efforts of so many. In these difficult and turbulent times for the region and our world, Let that beacon guide us to alleviate human suffering and ensure peace.”.

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